Climate Planning

Seattle is a recognized leader in climate action and we will continue to pursue bold strategies that demonstrate how a low-carbon city is also a prosperous, healthy, and vibrant city.

Climate Action Plan

Green New Deal Climate Impact Options

Outlines top 10 climate actions the City could take to achieve an expeditious reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while centering climate justice for the Green New Deal Oversight Board to inform future budget recommendations.

Climate Action Plan

2021 Climate Executive Order

Directs OSE to accelerate action toward net zero emission buildings, healthy and equitable transportation, and clean energy workforce development.

Climate Action Plan

2013 Climate Action Plan

Lays out a path to reduce our greenhouse emissions and also support vibrant neighborhoods, economic prosperity, and social equity.


Climate Adaptation & Resilience Planning

Even though Seattle continues to be a leader in reducing our climate impacts, we will not be immune to the effects of climate change.

Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Seattle tracks, measures and reports our greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis.