Seattle Climate Action Plan

The Seattle Climate Action Plan, adopted in June 2013, focuses on city actions that reduce greenhouse emissions and also support vibrant neighborhoods, economic prosperity, and social equity. Actions are  focused on areas of greatest need and impact: road transportation, building energy and waste. The plan also includes actions that will increase our community's resilience to the likely impacts of climate change.


October 2013     Implementation Strategy  The Implementation Strategy is the work of staff from across the City who have invested considerable time as well as innovative thinking in moving from 'plan' to 'action' to realize the vision of a climate-friendly Seattle. 
Plan Adopted
June 17, 2013
Seattle City Council unanimously adopted (Resolution 31447) the Seattle Climate Action Plan.
Final Public Comment Opportunities Seattle Climate Action Plan was discussed in Energy & Environment Committee meetings on April 23, and May 14 and June 11. The Seattle City Council held a Town Hall on the Climate Action Plan on May 7.
April 22, 2013 Seattle Climate Action plan is presented to City Council. (Seattle Channel Video)
January 2013
Public Comment Opens
Public comment period for the Green Ribbon Commission recommendations opens on January 14. Survey on quick start actions is opened. "We're So Green" video released to help drive awareness.
December 2012
Green Ribbon Commission
Green Ribbon Commission recommendations released. Download entire report or executive summary
June 2012
Climate Friendly Visuals
The Office of Sustainability & Environment developed a series of images to show what our neighborhoods might look like in the future if many of the recommendations of the plan involving land use and transportation were implememented.

May 2012
Green Ribbon Commission convened

Green Ribbon Commission (GRC) convened by the Mayor. (Press release). 

April 2012
Technical Advisory Groups wrap up

Technical Advisory Group (TAGs) recommendations released. More information on the TAGs, including their final reports, is here.

December 2011
Report on business impacts of climate action
The Office of Sustainability & Environmen released a review of existing economics studies exploring the likely business impacts of creating climate friendly communities.
October 2011
Convened Technical Advisory Groups
The City convened Technical Advisory Groups to recommend a suite of greenhouse gas reduction strategies in the transportation, land use, building energy and waste sectors.
October 2011
Council Resolution
On October 3, 2011, the City Council unanimously passed a resolution adopting zero net emissions by 2050 as the goal for the Climate Action Plan.
May 2011
Carbon Neutral Analysis
The Office of Sustainability & Environment released Getting to Zero: A Pathway to Carbon Neutral Seattle and the accompanying technical appendix. This report explored the feasibility and technical requirements of a carbon neutral Seattle.
September 2010
Community Carbon Neutral Presentations
Community generated white papers on recommendations for carbon neutral policies and actions. These papers were part of the initial analysis conducted by the Technical Advisory Groups.