Construction Contracting

For all public works projects the City has centralized construction contracting within City Purchasing and Contracting Services (CPCS). Our office provides the rules, policies, process and directions, and manages the bidding and contracting process.

Public Works Solicitations

Public works projects are advertised in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce and online at eBid. See also a list of upcoming City construction projects, or see the book from our Annual Construction Showcase for details about other upcoming projects

Job Order Contracts

Like most public agencies, the City is allowed to utilize Job Order Contracting with prime contractors for facility and utility construction work. See the Job Order Contracting page for more information.

Getting Paid on Construction Projects

Prompt payment is important. State law protects those who perform work on City projects. The City wants construction companies and workers to receive prompt payment and full wages. See the Getting Paid on Construction Projects page for more information.

Policies and Templates

CPCS issues policies, guidelines and boilerplates to City departments for all City bid and contract responsibilities. Download documents from the Public Works - Policies and Templates page.

Large, High-Profile Construction Projects

Below find links to information on individual large, high-profile projects.