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Standard Specifications and Plans

2017 Proposed Construction Standards - Public Comment Period

The City of Seattle's proposed 2017 edition of the Construction Standards is available for a 60-day comment period. The comment period ends December 16th.

For questions about the review documents or features, please email

The City of Seattle reserves the right to revise the content of the proposed version of the 2017 Construction Standards prior to publication.

2014 Standard Specifications and Standard Plans

The 2014 Edition of the City of Seattle’s Standard Specifications and Standard Plans for Road, Bridge and Municipal Construction are presented below.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to submit a comment for consideration, please contact the City of Seattle’s Construction Standards Engineer Randy Earlywine at

Note: the following documents are in Adobe PDF format.

2014 Standard Specifications for Municipal Construction

Full version of 2014 Standard Specifications
Signature Page
Table of Contents
Div-1 General Requirements
Div-2 Earthwork
Div-3 Production for Quarry and Pit Sites and Stockpiling
Div-4 Bases
Div-5 Surface Treatments and Pavements
Div-6 Structures
Div-7 Storm Drain, Sanitary and Combined Sewers, Water Mains and
Related Structures
Div-8 Miscellaneous Construction
Div-9 Materials

2014 Standard Plans for Municipal Construction

Full version of 2014 Standard Plans
Redline Markups (zip) - Revisions to the 2011 edition as published in the 2014 hard copy edition. (Additional recommended revisions to the Standard Plans 2014 edition may be found under the amendments tab.)
Signature Page
Table of Contents
000 General / Legal / Miscellaneous
100 Landscape
200 Sewer / Drainage Appurtenance
300 Watermain Appurtenance
400 Street Paving & Appurtenance
500 Signalization / Lighting
600 Signs
700 Pavement Markings
800 Structures