City Purchasing and Contracting Services

City Purchasing and Contracting Services, part of the Department of Finance and Administrative Services, manages bids and contracts on behalf of all City departments and offices using competitive processes to acquire fiscally and socially responsible solutions.

What Do You Want To Do?

Sell Us a Product – Purchasing

City Purchasing and Contracting Services staff manage bids and contracts for all City products, supplies, equipment and services that have accumulated value above $47,000 a year. See more about City purchasing.

Sell Us a Service – Consultant Contracting

The City has decentralized consultant contracting. Each City department is responsible for managing its own consultant contracts, however, the City Purchasing and Contracting Services Division provides general consultant contracting policies, processes and directions, and maintains the City's Consultant Roster Program. See more about consultant contracting.

Bid on a Public Works Construction Project

Public works projects are developed within various departments throughout the City, with centralized construction contracting managed by the City Purchasing and Contracting Services Division. Our office provides the rules, policies, process and directions, as well as manages the bidding and contracting process. See more about public works construction contracting.

Learn About Social Equity in City Purchasing and Contracting

The City of Seattle strives to meet our commitment to promoting equity in our purchasing and contracting opportunities through our many social equity programs. See more about social equity in City purchasing and contracting.

Get Help with an Issue

We are here to help answer questions and/or assist with problems, concerns, advocacy or contracting disputes. For help, visit our Contact Us page and select the topic of interest.