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Columbia Park Improvements
Pro Parks Project Information

4721 Rainier Ave S

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Lynn Sullivan
800 Maynard Ave S. 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98134
(206) 733-9105
Thank you Seattle. The Pro Parks Levy project at Columbia Park is complete and the park is open for use!

Funding for the Columbia Parks Improvements came from the 2000 Pro Parks Levy.

Some of the improvements include:
  • Pathways installed to create better access into the site from all corners
  • Main pathway realigned to create a meandering walk that evokes the stream that used to run through the site
  • Small blue tinted solar lights installed to further provide a subtle visual reference to the stream
  • Automatic irrigation installed
  • Lawn re-graded and re-seeded thereby enhancing the aesthetic and functional use of the park
In October 2005, Parks hosted the final of three public meetings. The final design originated from discussions between community members and Parks staff during those meetings. The meeting minutes can be viewed by scrolling down this page.

4721 Rainier Ave S
The Pro Parks Levy provides $350,000 project costs of planning, design and construction.
Planning: Spring 2005
Design: Summer - Fall 2005
Construction: 2006
Completion: 2006


Columbia Park
Columbia Park
Columbia Park
Proposed Final Schematic Design
Proposed Final Schematic Design
Design Philosophy

The project embraces the town square or village green feel to the existing park and will make minor improvements to improve access, enhance maintenance, and add reference to a stream that historically ran through the site. The improvements will be subtle. They will add character to the park while remaining secondary to the outdoor room created by the buildings that ring the space. The improvements will increase the ability of the park to accommodate small, spontaneous gatherings and the occasional event. Its main function will remain as a passive space for quiet contemplation and public thoroughfare.

  • Rainbow Sign A park identifying rainbow sign was installed as part of this project
  • Irrigation The original irrigation was controlled by manual valve requiring park employees to return again and again to turn on and off the different irrigation zones. This project added automatic controls per Parks standards.
  • Drainage The northern end of the park is a bowl, creating an area that was wet much of the year. There were also numerous holes in the lawn and uneven turf. The project improved the drainage and smoothed the grades
  • Paths The pathways were realigned to create better access into the site; from major landmarks (the library, cultural center, bus stop, and Orca school); and to create a meandering walk that evokes the stream that used to run through the site
  • Lighting Small blue tinted, solar lights were set in the path to create a subtle visual reference to the stream. The lights appear as tiles during the day
  • Landscaping A limited amount of grading at the south end of the park provided more level areas suitable for small gatherings, picnics and lounging
  • Seating Bench pads were added along the new sidewalk. Benches will be added as funding becomes available


Parks held three public meetings to discuss improvements to this park.

The first meeting was held on Wednesday, May 18, 2005 at the Columbia City Farmer's Market. This Open House style meeting was designed to introduce the community to the project.

The second meeting was held on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2005 at the Columbia City Library. At that meeting, the community was invited to review initial proposals for improving Columbia Park. The proposals originated from discussions with community members and Parks staff.

The third meeting was held in October 2005 and included a presentation of the final design drawings.

Seattle Parks and Recreation has prepared a Public Involvement Summary to recap the public involvement process. Read more (PDF)


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