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Roxhill Park Wetland Development
Pro Parks Project Information

Roxhill Park 9244 29th Ave SW. (The corner and SW Barton St. and 29th Ave. SW.)

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Joelle Ligon, Public Information
Seattle Parks and Recreation
Planning and Development Division
800 Maynard Ave S, 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98134-1336
Construction is complete! Thank you, Seattle.
Support for the Pro Parks Levy made improvements to Roxhill Park possible. Improvements include: a new ball field, improved irrigation system, accessible concrete picnic pads, trails and bridges, a gathering space, three additional bogs areas which add 1.5 acres of wetlands, and over 40,000 new native plants!
Roxhill Park 9244 29th Ave SW. (The corner and SW Barton St. and 29th Ave. SW.)
The Pro Parks Levy provides $412,400 project costs of planning, design and construction. A King County ballfield improvement grant provides $50,000 to the cost of planning and construction.
Planning: 2001
Design: 2/1/2002
Construction: 9/30/2002
Completion: 2/28/2003


Roxhill Park is located at the historic headwaters of Longfellow Creek. Longfellow Creek is one of three major creeks in the City of Seattle that are still free flowing. In the early 1960's the low wetland peat bog areas of the park were covered with several feet of fill dirt during the construction of the adjacent shopping center.

In 1992 the City adopted the Longfellow Creek Watershed Action Plan. One of the specific goals of the plan was to re-establish the historic wetlands of Longfellow Creek in Roxhill Park. In 1996, the Westwood Community Council began planning improvements for the park including rebuilding some of the historic wetlands.

Community efforts on behalf of this plan continued through the fall of 2000, when construction of restoration of a portion of the wetland in the park began.

The second phase (2002) of the project included removal of more fill covering peat deposits to restore an additional 1.5 acres of wetlands. This doubles the wetlands restored in the first phase of the project. Over 45,000 native plants and trees will also be planted in the wetlands and upland areas of the project.
new wetland planting
new wetland plantings
Low bridge for wetland viewing
low bridge for wetland viewing
New all purpose ballfield
new all purpose ballfield

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The Friends of Roxhill Bog once a month hold a bog planting and restoration work party. The event is held from 10 AM to 2 PM on the second Saturday of every month. For more information check out the links listed below. Fall work parties will include opportunities to help plant trees and plants in the Phase 2 construction areas. If you want to help, bring your gloves and your boots!


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