Taxi, For-Hire and TNC Complaints or Compliments

File a complaint or compliment about taxi, for-hire or transportation network company (TNC) drivers or their vehicles by calling the Seattle Customer Service Bureau at 206-684-2489 or clicking the button below:

Report a driver who:

  • Overcharges.
  • Refuses service.
  • Refuses to pick up a passenger.
  • Is not licensed.
  • Is reckless or unsafe.

Report a vehicle that:

  • Is unsafe.
  • Is dirty or unsanitary.
  • Has broken or missing equipment.

Valid complaints will be resolved in the form of a written apology, reimbursement of fare or any other reasonable action. For more information, see these pages:

Taxis, for-hire vehicles, TNCs and limos: telling them apart
Taxi fares: How much does a ride cost?

When you call

If you call to file a complaint, be as specific as possible about your experience. A receipt is helpful. If possible provide:

  • Date, time, location of incident.
  • Vehicle description (color, company, car number).
  • Driver description.
  • Where your trip began (in Seattle or outside Seattle).
  • How you requested the ride (on the street, by phone, through online application).