How to Apply

If you need this information translated, please call (206) 684-0827
ይህ መረጃ እንዲተረጎምልዎ የሚፈልጉ ከሆነ እባክዎ(206) 684-0827ይደውሉ
如需该信息的翻译版本,请致电 (206) 684-0827
odeefannoon kuni isiniif turjumaanamuu barbaaddan, maaloo (206) 684-0827 kana irratti bilbilaa
Hadii aad u baahan tahay macluumaadkan oo turjuban, fadlan la hadal (206) 684-0827
Si necesita esta información traducida, llame al (206) 684-0827
እዚ ሓበሬታ ክትርጎም ትደልዩ እንተኾይንኩም፣ በበዛኹም ናብ (206) 684-0827 ደውሉ፡፡ 
Nếu quý vị cần có bản dịch thông tin này, vui lòng gọi số (206) 684-0827

How to Apply:

  1. Send your contact information to us at If you are a 501c3, also send a copy of your 501c3 form.
  2. If you are interested in computer equipment, also complete and submit an application form.
  3. We will review your form(s) and confirm you are eligible to participate in the program.
  4. Review a list of available items: Computer Equipment  and Office equipment
  5. Schedule an appointment to visit our Warehouse and select the items you wish to obtain. Call at (206) 684-0827 or email to schedule an appointment.
  6. Arrange to pick up your items from our Warehouse.