Park District Planning

In 2014, Seattle voters approved the Seattle Park District, which provides Seattle Parks and Recreation with funds to more rigorously invest in maintenance, recreation affordability, park development, and supporting community events and programs. 

The first six-year cycle of the Seattle Park District spanned 2015-2020. For more information about how we invested these dollars back into parks and communities for the last six years, check out our annual reports from 201620172018, and 2019. For a deeper dive into some of the lessons learned from first three years of the Park District, take a look at the Park District Mid-Cycle Report.  

Planning the next six-year cycle 

In March of 2020, Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) decided to delay the Park District planning process by at least one year. As of January 2021, SPR has determined that another one-year delay is necessary, considering the ongoing uncertainty associated with the trajectory of the pandemic and related economic impacts. SPR also seeks to better understand changing community needs through a recovery lens.   

In 2021, SPR plans to revisit our 2020-2032 Strategic Plan to identify near-term actions SPR can take to support pandemic and economic recovery, as well as to conduct additional focused outreach, particularly in those communities that have been the most impacted by the health emergency. This near-term action plan will likely inform funding needs that will be included in the next Park District planning process. Planning for a 2023-2028 six-year cycle is anticipated to commence in early 2022.  

For a summary of the Strategic Plan outreach SPR conducted in summer 2019, check out our Strategic Plan webpage and Appendix II cataloging all feedback received. 

How to stay engaged 

Park District Oversight Committee meetings are open to the public and have public comment periods available at all meetings. Activities throughout 2021 will include reflecting on the first six-year cycle of the Park District. SPR will post information about future meetings and relevant materials on the Park District Oversight Committee website

Comments may also be sent to