The Seattle Park District is a sustainable funding source to repair, maintain, and restore basic services at the City's parks, community centers, and regional attractions.

New Financial and Performance Dashboard

We have just launched a new site that reports Seattle Parks and Recreation's financial and performance data by line of business. 

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About the Governing Board

On August 5, 2014, Seattle voters approved the Seattle Park District, a metropolitan park district authorized by Chapter 35.61 of the Revised Code of Washington. The Seattle Park District has the same boundaries as the City of Seattle and the Seattle City Council members serve as the Park District's Governing Board. Property taxes collected by the Seattle Park District will provide funding for City parks and recreation including maintaining parklands and facilities, operating community centers and recreation programs, and developing new neighborhood parks on previously acquired sites.


About Park District Community Oversight

The Park District Oversight Committee was a community board formed in 2015 to provide advice to the Mayor, City Council, and Superintendent of Parks and Recreation, related to the Seattle Park District. The Committee's role and responsibilities was outlined by ordinance #124468 which approved the Interlocal Agreement.

In 2021, this Committee was combined with the Board of Park Commissioners to form the Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners. This action was taken to more efficiently utilize the time, knowledge, and expertise of community volunteers and to address the concerns of ambiguity and overlap between the two committees.