Mombasa, Kenya

Sister City since 1981

The Seattle-Mombasa Sister City Association (SMSCA) represents a diverse group that seeks to promote cultural and educational exchanges along with trade, tourism and sustainable projects between the two cities. In 1988 Mayor Royer led a Seattle delegation to Mombasa. The association also has hosted mayors of Mombasa, other visiting dignitaries including the first elected Mombasa County Governor. The association helped to remodel and expand the Utange Health Center to include a maternity and dental clinic to serve the rural area of Mombasa as part of the African Urban Poverty Alleviation Program. They also support the Mombasa Sustainable Coconut Oil Making Project which helps to alleviate poverty by providing employing local women in the making, marketing, and selling of coconut oil and coconut related products. The association also helps to support 50 children at the Shanzu Good Hope Children's Orphanage and sponsors "You Can Make a Difference" mission trips for individuals interested in volunteer service at SMSCA projects as well as safari and vacation time in Kenya. The African Savanna Exhibit at the Woodland Park Zoo is dedicated to the Seattle-Mombasa relationship.

Mombasa is Kenya's second largest city with a population of 1.2 million. The Port of Mombasa is the largest and busiest international seaport on the East African coast. The city is a cultural hub in the African Great Lakes Area with its proximity to a variety of cultures and where people from the Middle East, Somalia, and the Indian sub-continent have settled over the centuries. Mombasa is known for its music and beautiful white sandy breaches on the Indian Ocean.

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Seattle-Mombasa SCA President Dr. Robin Jones

Council Liaison:
Councilmember Kshama Sawant

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Mina Hashemi, Interim Director
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