FAS COVID Response and Recovery Summary

The FAS COVID Response and Recovery Summary, compiled teams in the Department of Finance and Administrative Services, provides a high-level overview of steps taken, best practices implemented and lessons learned throughout the pandemic. By documenting this work, this report seeks to serve as an assessment and blueprint for FAS as well as other agencies, governments and organizations to utilize as they assess their own emergency preparedness and plan for and respond to other future emergencies.

This report is structured in seven sections. The Executive Summary provides an overview and key takeaways, the Introduction section provides context for the department, its role in the City and an incident overview.

The remaining sections are organized around the four pillars of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, followed by a conclusion. An appendix at the end of this report provides corresponding documentation, procedures and supporting material developed to support the emergency response.  

FAS COVID Response and Recovery Summary

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