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Ryan Vancil

The Hearing Examiner serves as the City's principal administrative law judge: an independent official charged with the responsibility of reviewing decisions made by a variety of City agencies. The Hearing Examiner regulates the conduct of hearings and prepares decisions and recommendations based upon the hearing record and applicable law. As the head of the department, the Hearing Examiner is also responsible for appointment and supervision of staff, updating hearing rules and procedures, and overseeing any outside contracts for services. (The Hearing Examiner's functions, authority, appointment, and jurisdictions are described in the Citizen Guide, the Annual Report, and SMC 3.02.110)

Barbara Dykes Ehrlichman

The Deputy Hearing Examiner is appointed by the Hearing Examiner and is deputized to conduct hearings and to exercise the Hearing Examiner's decision-making authority. The Municipal Code requires that the Deputy Hearing Examiner be an attorney with training and experience in administrative hearings. See the Citizen Guide, the Annual Report, and SMC 3.02.110 for Hearing Examiner functions, authority, appointment, and jurisdictions.

Galen Edlund-Cho
The Legal Assistant assists at hearings to ensure that the proceedings are properly recorded and exhibits are identified and secured. The Legal Assistant also assists the Hearing Examiner and the Deputy Hearing Examiner with cases both before and after the hearing. The Legal Assistant has primary responsibility for providing information to the public and to hearing participants, and for verifying the accuracy and completeness of case records for transmittal to court on appeal.

Bonita A. Roznos

The Executive Assistant has responsibility for office administration, including research and analysis on a variety of operational and administrative issues; project management; budget development and oversight; human resource management, including recruiting, training, and career development; initiating and maintaining vendor relationships; accounting; and technology management.

Angela Oberhansly
The Administrative Specialist serves as the initial contact in the Hearing Examiner's office and assists the public, City staff and parties in cases with information regarding hearing procedures, rules, and similar matters. The Administrative Specialist also provides a full range of general administrative support functions for the office, including the processing of incoming appeals, DPD and SDOT citation defaults and collections, and is the primary contact for ordering copies of proceedings.

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