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Mayor's 2014-15 Proposed Budget and 2015-2020 Proposed CIP // September 22, 2014
City Budget Office Overview of 2015-16 Proposed Budget // October 2, 2014
Department Budget Overview // October 7, 2014
Councilmembers heard from select City departments about the major changes reflected in the Mayor's 2015-16 Proposed Budget (and the effects of those changes). Councilmembers asked questions about proposed changes and identified issues to be pursued.

First Public Hearing // Public Hearing on the Mayor's 2015-2016 Proposed Budget - October 7, 2014
Council Budget Committee // October 8, 2014
Council Budget Committee // October 9, 2014
Council Budget Committee // October 10, 2014
Issue Identification
Council staff presented to Councilmembers an overview of key changes to departments, and highlighted issues that may be of interest or concern to Councilmembers. Councilmembers had an opportunity to identify issues and gave guidance to staff on how to proceed. The chair of the relevant Council committee lead the discussion for departments under the purview of that committee.

Council Budget Committee // October 22, 2014

Council Budget Committee // October 23, 2014

Second Public Hearing // Public Hearing on the Mayor's 2015-2016 Proposed Budget - October 23, 2014
Council Budget Committee // October 24, 2014
Round 1 Modifications
Councilmembers will discuss possible modifications to the Mayor's 2015-2016 Proposed Budget.

List of Green Sheets / Statements of Legislative Intent

Council Budget Committee // November 3, 2014

Council Budget Committee // November 4, 2014

Council Budget Committee // November 5, 2014

Council Budget Committee // November 6, 2014

Supporting Documents

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Green Sheets (Amendments to Proposed Budget)

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU)
Seattle City Light (SCL)
  • GS 3-1-A-1 Transfer $30,000 in appropriation authority from City Light to CBO in 2015 and 2016 to support the City Light Review Panel
  • GS 4-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118234 authorizing City Light to issue up to $278 million in utility revenue bonds in 2015 to support its capital program
Department of Finance and Administrative Services (FAS)
  • GS 7-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118233 authorizing FAS to close certain unused funds and subfunds
  • GS 8-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118242 extending the repayment of a $10.48 million interfund loan for the Joint Training Facility from D ecember 31, 2014, to December 31, 2016
  • GS 12-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118256 increasing the business license fee in 2015 and increase GSF revenues by $1.1 million in 2015 and $1.1 million in 2016 accordingly
  • GS 9-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118227 - Local Fund Ordinance
  • GS 10-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118236 - Economic and Revenue Forecast Advisory Committee Ordinance
  • GS 11-1-A-1 Increase appropriations to FAS by $100,000 in 2015 and $100,000 in 2016 for Priority Hire community based outreach and education
Department of Neighborhoods (DON) / Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF)
  • GS 23-1-A-1 Add $76,591 in 2015 and $59,485 in 2016 from the GSF and position authority in DON to implement a potential Neighborhoo d Conservation District proposal
  • GS 24-1-A-1 Replace $572,000 of GSF funding in the NMF with unreserved fund balance in 2015 and replace $401,000 of GSF funding in 2016 with unreserved fund balance.
  • GS 25-1-A-1 Add $16,000 to DON in GSF for a tool library in Southeast Seattle
Department of Information Technology (DoIT)
  • GS 5-1-A-1 Add $150,000 one-time appropriation authority in DoIT in 2015 to increase Technology Matching Fund grant program
  • GS 6-1-A-1 Increase appropriation in DoIT by $94,296 in 2015 and $68,654 in 2016 from the Cable Subfund for the public access channel.
Criminal Justice Contracted Services (CJCS)
  • GS 100-1-A-1 Reduce GSF Funding by $120,000 in Criminal Justice Contracted Services in 2015 for Indigent Defense Services.
Office of Economic Development (OED)
  • GS 14-1-A-1 Add $50,000 GSF to OED in 2015 to provide business assistance services to small-scale manufacturers and craft producers.
  • GS 18-1-A-1 Cut $250,000 CDBG in 2015 and $185,000 CDBG in 2016 from OED's Only in Seattle Program.
  • GS 17-1-A-1 Eliminate Strategic advisor 2 position and reduce GSF appropriations to OED for Access Seattle by $143,000 in 2015 and $135,000 in 2016.
  • GS 15-1-A-1 Pass Council Bill (C.B) 118231: amending the policies of the Community Equity Fund component of the Central Area Eq uity Fund and authorizing expenditures of funds.
Budget Legislation
Office of Housing (OH)
  • GS 20-1-A-1 Authorizing $1 million in Office of Housing, Housing Bonus Funds in 2015 for the Regional Equitable Development Initiat ive (REDI) fund.
  • SLI 21-1-A-1 Development of an Affordable Housing Preservation Program.
Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR)
  • GS 42-1-A-1 Reduce Park District funds in DPR's Fix it First BCL by $342,000 in 2015 and add an equivalent amount to other BCLs for performance monitoring and strategic management work.
  • GS 43-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118235: CBO Parks Capital Fund Creation Ordinance.
  • GS 44-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118257: DPR Park District Bridge Loan Ordinance.
  • GS 45-1-A-1 Reduce REET I in DPR's Landscape Restoration Project by $430,000 in 2015 and add $30,000 to the Smith Cove Park Develop ment Project for project design.
  • GS 46-1-A-1 Impose provisos on DPR's Parks Infrastructure BCL and SDOT's Mobility -- Capital BCL to limit the use of $200,000 each in 2015 and 2016 solely for Burke Gilman Trail repavement.
  • GS 47-1-A-1 Add Finance General reserve for Open Space Opportunity Fund and appropriate $1 in GSF in 2015 and 2016.
  • SLI 47-2-A-1 Develop guidelines and recommendations concerning the Open Space Opportunity Fund.
  • GS 48-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118232: authorizing a loan from the City's Cash Pool to complete Golf Master Plan Implementation Projects .
  • GS 49-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118246: DPR's 2015-2016 Fee Ordinance.
  • GS 50-1-A-1 Add a $0 capital project for the Amy Yee Tennis Center to DPR's Building Component Renovations BCL.
  • GS 51-1-A-1 Add $300,000 in REET II funding in 2015 and reduce funding in 2016 for DPR's Green Lake Park Alum Treatment project, de crease 2015 funding and increase 2016 funding for Aquarium Major Maintenance.
  • GS 52-1-A-1 Add $68,000 GSF in 2015 and $28,000 GSF in 2016 to the Parks and Recreation Department to support fruit gleaning servic es in the City of Seattle.
  • SLI 54-1-A-1 Lake City Community Center Improvements.
Legislative Department
  • GS 117-1-A-1 Add $50,000 GSF in the Legislative Department in 2015 and 2016 to digitize and catalog audio tapes of the past City Cou ncil meetings.
  • GS 118-1-A-1 Add $125,000 GSF in the Legislative Department in 2015 to install an updated assistive listening system in Council Cham bers.
Finance General
  • GS 125-1-A-1 Add $250,000 GSF in 2015 and $250,000 GSF in 2016 to Finance General for potential paid parental leave benefit.
  • GS 126-1-A-1 Transfer $250,000 of GSF Duwamish Opportunity Fund Support from FG to DON in 2015, and add $250,000 of GSF to FG for Du wamish Opportunity Fund Support in 2016.
Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE)
  • GS 121-1-A-1 Add ongoing Strategic Advisor 2 position in OSE, funded with $137,000 GSF in 2015 and 2016, to lead the development and implementation of the new Equity and Environment Initiative (EEI).
  • GS 122-1-A-1 Add $50,000 of GSF to OSE in 2015 for additional support to the Fresh Bucks Food Assistance Program.
Department of Planning and Development (DPD)
  • GS 27-1-A-1 Pass Council Bill (C.B.) 118237: The 2015 Department of Planning and Development Fee Ordinance.
  • SLI 28-1-A-1 DPD Planning Division work program development and reporting.
  • GS 29-1-A-1 Add $50,000 GSF to DPD in 2015 for outreach and policy development related to a comprehensive review of the Design Review program.
  • GS 30-1-A-1 Add $67,610 GSF to fill a vacant 0.5 FTE position in DPD in 2015 and 2016 to analyze and prepare implementing legislati on for 35th Ave NE rezones.
Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) / Proposed Office of Labor Standards (OLS)
  • GS 36-1-A-1 Add $300,000 GSF in 2015 and $700,000 GSF in 2016 to OLS in SOCR for worker outreach, education, consultation and refer rals.
  • GS 37-1-A-1 Hire 2.0 FTE civil rights analysts in SOCR/OLS in 2015 instead of 2016.
  • GS 38-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118247: Creating an Office of Labor Standards and Labor Standards Advisory Commission.
  • GS 39-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118248: Transferring minimum wage responsibilities from FAS to OLS, and technical amendments to city labo r standards ordinances.
  • GS 40-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118249, as amended: Creating a civil penalty for wage and tip compensation violations.
  • GS 37-2-A-1 Add $1,080,585 GSF in 2015 and $775,585 GSF in 2016 to increase the minimum wage for all city job titles to $15 an hour in 2015.
  • SLI 41-1-A-1 Prepare legislation to increase penalties and remedies for violations of Seattle's labor laws.
Office of Arts & Culture (OAC)
  • GS 32-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118228: Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute Fee Ordinance.
  • GS 34-1-A-1 Add $50,000 from the 2015 Arts Account fund balance to support OAC's Youth Arts grant program.
  • SLI 33-1-A-1 Four-Year Plan to Increase the Balance of OAC's Arts Account Operating Reserve.
  • GS 123-1-A-1 Add $435,000 GSF in 2015 and $435,000 GSF in 2016 to the Law Department for salary increases for Assistant City Attorne ys.
  • GS 8-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118242: Extending the repayment of a $10.48 million interfund loan for the Joint Training Facility from D ecember 31, 2014, to December 31, 2016.
  • GS 8-1-B-1 Amend and pass as amended C.B. 118242 to require annual repayments of $640,000 on the loan for the Joi nt Training Facility if the loan is not fully paid off by the end of 2016.
GSF (General Subfund) Underspend
  • GS 120-1-A-1 Eliminate the $15.8M underspend planning assumption from the 2015 budget; and eliminate the $16.1M underspend planning assumption from the 2016 budget.
  • SLI 120-2-A-1 2015 General Subfund reductions to address underspend.
Human Services Department (HSD)
  • SLI 56-1-A-1 Report by HSD and CBO on the cost to maintain existing human service delivery with the increased minimum wage.
  • GS 56-2-A-1 Increase appropriation to HSD to mitigate impact of minimum wage increases on human services providers.
  • GS 57-1-A-1 Add $250,000 GSF to Finance General, Reserves, for Neighborcare's Meridian Health Center being built in north Seattle.
  • GS 59-1-A-1 Add $93,000 GSF in 2015 and 2016 to HSD for human services information and referral.
  • GS 71-1-A-1 Add $75,000 GSF in 2015 and 2016 to HSD for youth outreach and mentoring.
  • SLI 69-1-A-1 Report by HSD on actions to respond to the findings of the Washington State Auditor's Office.
  • GS 75-1-A-1 Add $350,000 of GSF in 2015 and 2016 to the Human Services Department to support flexible and mobile advocates for surv ivors of domestic and sexual violence.
  • SLI 75-2-A-1 Statement of Legislative Intent for the Domestic Violence Support Center (DVRC).
  • GS 60-1-A-1 Add $200,000 GSF to Finance General in 2015 to Address Unsheltered Homeless.
  • GS 61-1-A-1 Add $200,000 GSF to Finance General to Incentivize Regional Partners to Develop Homeless Shelter.
  • GS 77-1-A-1 Add $120,000 GSF to Human Services Department in 2015 and 2016 to provide support for year-round, self-managed, low-ba rrier women's homeless shelter.
  • GS 78-1-A-1 Add $100,000 General Subfund support to Human Services Department (HSD) in 2015 and 2016 to contract for services to as sist persons living in transitional encampments.
  • SLI 80-1-A-1 Assessment of City owned Property for Host Locations for Shelters.
  • GS 63-1-A-1 One time add of $150,000 GSF in 2015 to the Human Services Department Budget to Support Homeless Youth Street Outreach.
  • GS 64-1-A-1 Add $100,000 funding in 2015 and 2016 from GSF to HSD to provide street outreach for hardest to reach youth and young adults.
  • GS 72-1-A-1 Increase GSF funding by $200,000 in HSD in 2015 and 2016 for hygiene services.
  • SLI 73-1-A-1 Locker Program for People Experiencing Homelessness.
  • GS 65-1-A-1 Add $250,000 in 2015 in GSF in Finance General Reserve for University District Food Bank Facility.
  • GS 66-1-A-1 Imposing Proviso on Finance General Reserve - Fire Station 39 Housing Services Funding.
  • GS 68-1-A-1 Add $75,000 GSF to HSD for birth doula services for low-income women.
  • SLI 130-1-A-1 Investigate a capital project and bond sale to build housing.
  • SLI 132-1-A-1 Investigate instituting a "millionaires tax" in Seattle.
Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT)
  • GS 16-1-A-1 Add $50,000 GSF to OED in 2015 to support alley activation activities in the Chinatown-International District.
  • GS 103-1-A-1 Add $50,000 to the Seattle Department of Transportation budget in 2015 to fund Pronto! cycle share to do planning for b ike share expansion into Southeast Seattle.
  • GS 104-1-A-1 Reduce appropriations for Summer Streets and Parkways by $150,000 in 2015 and $150,000 in 2016.
  • GS 106-1-A-1 Use $300,000 of SDOT fund balance in 2015 for evaluation of transportation impact fees, establish a Finance General Res erve for the evaluation, and impose a budget proviso.
  • GS 108-1-A-1 Create a new CIP project and $200,000 in 2015 and $800,000 in 2016 for Adaptive Signal Control deployment in the Mercer Corridor.
  • GS 102-1-A-1 Pass C.B.118243: Extend term of South Lake Union Streetcar Capital Interfund Loan.
  • GS 102-1-B-1 Amend and Pass, as amended, C.B.118243: Extend term and modify conditions of South Lake Union Streetcar Capital Int erfund Loan.
  • GS 110-1-A-1 Transfer $1.34 million in 2016 appropriations from the Pedestrian Master Plan-New Sidewalks CIP project to the PMP-Scho ol Safety CIP project.
  • GS 111-1-A-1 Add $150,000 for 23rd Avenue Corridor Improvements CIP (TC367420) for intersection improvements at Interlaken Boulevard East and 24th Avenue East.
  • GS 101-1-A-1 Add $75,000 in 2015 for an economic impact analysis of oversize loads.
  • SLI 101-2-A-1 Heavy Haul Corridor Implementation.
  • GS 113-1-C-1 Pass C.B. ______: increase the Commercial Parking Tax rate from 12.5% to 15.0% in 2016.
Proposed Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL)
  • GS 85-1-A-1 Pass C.B. 118255 Creating the Dept. of Education and Early Learning.
  • GS 86-1-A-1 Add Seattle Preschool Program levy revenues, expenditures, and positions to DEEL in 2015 and 2016, reclassify DEEL posi tions, and create new BCLs.
  • GS 87-1-A-1 DEEL: Amend the purpose statement of the Early Learning BCL.
Seattle Police Department (SPD)
  • GS 91-1-A-1 Cut Civilian Curriculum Development Professional (Strategic Advisor 2) position and reduce GSF to Seattle Police Depart ment by $142,418 in 2015 and $137,418 in 2016.
  • GS 93-1-A-1 Cut $150,000 GSF in 2015 and $148,000 of GSF in 2016 from the Chief of Police Finance General Reserve earmarked for the Crisis Intervention Committee Coordinator - Lieutenant position.
  • GS 90-1-A-1 Cut $500,000 GSF in 2015 and 2016 from the Seattle Police Department budget.
  • GS 92-1-A-1 Add $350,000 of GSF to the Chief of Police Finance General Reserve in 2015 and 2016 for community policing and crime pr evention strategies.
  • GS 94-1-A-1 Add $50,000 of GSF to the Office for Civil Rights budget in 2015 to contribute to a King County juvenile justice racial impact assessment.
  • SLI 89-3-A-1 Statement of Legislative Intent requesting the Seattle Police Department to regularly report to Council on hiring, staf fing, and overtime.
  • GS 89-2-A-1 Move $2,787,745 in GSF from the Seattle Police Department budget in 2016 to Finance General pending the review and asse ssment of the Department's management and resource deployment.
  • GS 89-4-A-1 Accept $1.25 Million COPS grant and provide appropriation for 10 new police officers.
Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD)
  • GS 97-1-A-1 Add $415,000 of GSF in 2015 and $830,000 in 2016 from Finance General to the Human Services Department budget for LEAD.