Select Budget Committee



Beginning on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, the Select Budget Committee’s annual budget deliberation process commences after the delivery of Mayor Bruce Harrell's Proposed 2023 Budget to the Seattle City Council. Budget deliberations will conclude when the Seattle City Council passes the 2023 Adopted Budget, which is scheduled for a final vote on November 21, 2022.

Committee Members

  • Teresa Mosqueda, Chair
  • Lisa Herbold, Vice Chair
  • Debora Juarez, Member
  • Andrew J. Lewis, Member
  • Tammy J. Morales, Member
  • Sara Nelson, Member
  • Alex Pedersen, Member
  • Kshama Sawant, Member
  • Dan Strauss, Member

Committee Materials

You can find agendas, presentations and other materials for the Select Budget Committee on Legistar, the system the City uses to manage legislation and committees.

View Budget Committee Agendas and Materials

How to Participate in the Budget

Your input is a critical part of the budget process! There are three ways to participate in the budget, sharing your perspective during Budget Committee meetings, Public Hearings, or sending written comment.

Ways to Participate in the Budget Process

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Summary of the Budget Process

There are six main steps in the budget process, outlined in the graphic below:

The Six Stages of the Budget

    1. City Budget Office Overview of Proposed Budget | Sept. 28
    2. Budget Hearings (Budget Discussions & Issue Identification) | Oct. 11 - Oct. 14
    3. Budget Deliberations (Discussion of Member Proposals) | Oct. 25 - Oct. 27
    4. Balancing Package | Nov. 7
    5. Vote on Balancing Package | Nov. 16
    6. Final Action, City Council Vote | Nov. 21

The Select Budget Committee will convene between September through November 2022, specific dates below. Additional meeting dates may be scheduled as needed. Committee agendas can be viewed here.

Download the Fall 2022 Budget Calendar

September 27 Mayor delivers Proposed Budget
September 28 @ 9:30am

City Budget Office Overview of Proposed Budget

Oral Public Comment @ 9:30am

October 11 @ 9:30am

Budget Hearings - Discussion of proposed budget by department and issue identification

Oral Public Comment @ 9:30am

October 11 @ 5:00pm Public Hearing
October 12 @ 9:30am Budget Hearings
October 13 @ 9:30am Budget Hearings
October 14 @ 9:30am Budget Hearings
October 25 @ 9:30am

Budget Deliberations - Discussion of Councilmember budget proposals

Oral Public Comment @ 9:30 AM

October 26 @ 9:30am Budget Deliberations
October 27 @ 9:30am Budget Deliberations
November 7 @ 9am Balancing Pcakge, Presented by Chair Mosqueda
November 8 @ 9:30am -1pm Public Hearing
November 15 @ 5:00pm Public Hearing
November 16 @ 9:30am Vote on Balancing Package
November 21 @ 9:00am Budget Committee, Final Recommendations
November 21 @ 2pm Final Action, City Council Vote


Five Councilmembers constitute a quorum for this Select Committee.