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SPU's Joshua Werner elected to the CSC

The Office of the City Clerk and Civil Service Commission are pleased to announce that Joshua Werner has been elected to the employee-elected position on the Civil Service Commission (CSC) in this year's special election, and will serve out the remainder of the term, through December 31, 2023.

We are grateful to every civil service member who voted, and to all of this year's candidates who were willing to step forward and represent their fellow civil service members.

As a reminder, information about the CSC's activities are available online, and you can sign up at a link in the sidebar to receive e-mail updates on CSC activities.

The regular Civil Service Commission employee election is held every three years; the next regular election will be held in 2023. The Office of the City Clerk and the Civil Service Commission staff are planning a review of the CSC election rules, and will send further updates as that process moves forward.


In-person appeal filing is not available at this time.

To file a civil service appeal, email it to the CSC at or Executive Director Scheele at More info on filing appeals here.