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Consumer Protection Customer Service Counter Reopens by Appointment Only

The Consumer Protection customer service counter is now open by appointment only, Thursdays and Fridays, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Find out more at the reopening info page.

Rules for Taxis

The City of Seattle regulates the operation of taxicabs. Learn more about the rules that apply to you, whether you are a driver, vehicle owner or a representative of a taxicab association.

This taxicab information sheet gives an overview of the key provisions of Ordinance 124524 that apply to taxicab associations, taxicab vehicles and drivers. Refer to Seattle Municipal Code section 6.310 for the complete requirements and responsibilities for taxicabs.

Taxicab drivers

Taxicab drivers must follow operating and conduct standards and meet the City's licensing, training and other requirements. Learn about the requirements and responsibilities for taxicab drivers.

Taxicab vehicle owners

Taxis must meet certain requirements to operate in the city as part of a taxicab association. Learn about the requirements and responsibilities for vehicle owners and licensees.

Taxicab associations

A taxicab association is a person or entity that represents or owns at least 15 taxicabs licensed by the City. Taxicabs owned or represented by an association use the same color scheme, trade name and dispatch services. Learn about the requirements and responsibilities for taxicab associations.