Marijuana Retailers, Processors and Producers

Marijuana businesses located in Seattle and those that come into Seattle to engage in marijuana business activities must obtain a Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) license as well as a Seattle marijuana business license and a Seattle business license tax certificate. No marijuana businesses are allowed to operate in Seattle without a marijuana business license.

The information below is available for download: Tip 5501, Seattle Marijuana Business Licensing Information. See also Non-State Licensed Cannabis Establishment Enforcement Guidelines.

Marijuana business regulatory license applications

Application packets are available at the Department of Finance and Administrative Services (FAS) License and Tax Administration office on the 42nd floor of the Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 Fifth Ave.

You may also request to have the application packet mailed to you by sending an email to with "Marijuana Business License Application Packet Request" in the subject line and your contact name, business name, phone number, and physical business and mailing addresses in the body of the message.

You may return the application in person or by mail. We will accept only complete applications, and we will accept license fees only following approval of the entire application package.

If you have a physical location within Seattle city limits, you must also submit:

If an application is deemed incomplete, we will notify the applicant(s) and offer an opportunity to resubmit a complete application with required documents.

Marijuana business regulatory license renewals

The City will mail license renewal forms to all licensees on record. If you have not received the renewal forms by May 15, email to submit a request for the forms; please include your business name, customer number and mailing address. The completed forms with license fee must be received, reviewed and approved by June 30 to continue business activities in Seattle. To allow sufficient time for the renewal process, you should submit all necessary materials by May 31.

Renewal approval is dependent upon currency with all required permits, licenses, fines, fees and tax obligations for the City as well as Washington state. Outstanding obligations, violations, judgments and convictions may result in non-renewal or suspension or revocation of your Marijuana Regulatory Business License. Upon approval of your application, an Approval/Invoice will be sent to you. You may mail in your payment or remit the license fee in person at the FAS office on the 42nd floor of the Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 Fifth Ave.

Marijuana business inspections

FAS inspectors may inspect your business premises during operating hours. Please review SMC 6.500 to ensure compliance. Violations may result in civil penalties, license suspension and/or license revocation. Criminal charges and/or seizure of marijuana and marijuana products may be considered.

Marijuana businesses director's rules

TitleCity Clerk File No.Rule No.
Marijuana Business Regulations 320287 MJRs 017, 083, 086, 087, 095, 096, 099, 105, 106, 107, 110, 147, 150, 155, 310 and 410