Director's Rules


Draft Rules

The following are director's rules that are in draft form. Finalized rules appear in a separate section below.

The Seattle Department of Finance and Administrative Services Director, acting under the authority of Seattle Municipal Code Chapters 3.02 and 6.500.100, proposes to adopt rules relating to the regulation of marijuana businesses.

SMC 6.500.100 mandates that "the Director [of FAS] shall adopt rules that incorporate applicable provisions of the Washington Administrative Code relating to the regulation of marijuana businesses by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, and shall periodically review and update such rules as changes are made to such provisions of the Washington Administrative Code."

These proposed rules adopt certain applicable provisions of WAC 314-55 as FAS director's rules in accordance with SMC 6.500.100. These proposed rules are made in the interest of improving the City's ability to regulate marijuana businesses in order to protect the health, welfare and safety of the people of Seattle.

Marijuana Business Regulation Rules
Adopting Certain WAC 314-55 Rules as FAS Director's Rules in Accordance with SMC 6.500.100

The draft rules are available for review at the Department of Finance and Administrative Services Regulatory Compliance and Consumer Protection Division on the 42nd Floor of Seattle Municipal Tower (700 Fifth Ave., Suite 4250, Seattle, WA 98104) from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The rules are also posted below. To request a copy please call 206-615-0760 or submit a request to Cherie MacLeod at the address or email listed below.

Download/view proposed rules (PDF)

The document linked above contains the following proposed rules:

  • MJR 017 - Conditional sales prohibited.
  • MJR 083 - What are the security requirements for a marijuana licensee
  • MJR 086 - What are the mandatory signs a marijuana licensee must post on a licensed premises?
  • MJR 087 - What are the recordkeeping requirements for marijuana licensees?
  • MJR 098 - Marijuana servings and transaction limitations.
  • MJR 096 - Samples.
  • MJR 099 - Standardized scales.
  • MJR 105 - Packaging and labeling requirements.
  • MJR 106 - Marijuana warning symbol requirement.
  • MJR 107 - Marijuana product compliance.
  • MJR 110 - What are my responsibilities as a marijuana licensee?
  • MJR 147 - What hours may a marijuana retailer licensee conduct sales?
  • MJR 150 - What are the forms of acceptable identification?
  • MJR 155 - Advertising.
  • MJR 310 - Transportation license.
  • MJR 410 - Cooperatives.

PUBLIC HEARING AND COMMENT: A public hearing on the proposed rules is scheduled for April 26, 2017 from 10 a.m.–noon in Room 1610 (16th floor) at the Seattle Municipal Tower (700 Fifth Ave., Seattle, WA 98104). All interested persons are invited to attend and present data, views, or arguments regarding the proposed rules, either orally at the hearing or prior to the hearing in writing. Written comments must be received no later than 5 p.m. on April 27. Written comments may be emailed, mailed, or delivered to:

Attn: Cherie MacLeod
Department of Finance and Administrative Services
Regulatory Compliance and Consumer Protection
700 5th Ave Suite 4250
PO Box 34214
Seattle, WA 98124-4214

Anyone wishing to comment at the hearing will be asked to sign up on the day of the hearing. Oral comments presented at the hearing will be limited to three minutes per person. Groups are encouraged to appoint a spokesperson to present their comments. All comments will be recorded.

Interpretation services are available upon request. Please contact Cherie MacLeod at 206-615-0760 or email at no later than close of business on April 18, to make the necessary arrangements.

The City of Seattle's Department of Finance and Administrative Services director, acting under the authority of Seattle Municipal Code 6.310.735.M.1.a, proposes to adopt six rules relating to for-hire driver representation and collective bargaining:

The FAS director initially proposed these six rules on March 6, 2017. However, based on input received at that time, the rules have changed substantially enough to warrant a second comment period. In addition, the FAS director proposes to amend the four existing rules relating to for-hire driver representation and collective bargaining:

The FAS director finalized these four rules on Dec. 29, 2016, but is amending them to correct code citations and align them with the rules currently proposed. They also remove any requirement to include a driver's license number in qualifying driver lists or statements of interest under Ordinance 124968.

For convenience, all 10 proposed and amended rules are available in this combined document (PDF).

PUBLIC COMMENT: All interested persons are invited to present data, views or arguments regarding the proposed and amended rules in writing. On the four amended rules, the FAS director will consider only those comemnts pertaining to the language amended. The FAS director will not hold an in-person public hearing on the proposed and amended rules. Written comments must be received no later than 5 p.m. on May 5, 2017, and may be emailed, mailed or delivered to:

City of Seattle
Department of Finance and Administrative Services
Attention: Matthew Eng
700 Fifth Ave., 52nd Floor
P.O. Box 94689
Seattle, WA 98124-4689

Animal-Related Director's Rules

TitleCity Clerk File No.Rule No.
Implementing Seattle Horse-Drawn Carriage Ordinance 309892 6.315.003
Live Animal Trapping Permit 313256 9.25.030A

City Buildings and Civic Center Director's Rules

TitleCity Clerk File No.Rule No.
City Hall, City Hall Plaza and Other Adjacent Premises 307221 5-02
Municipal Core Area Parking Procedures 307560 6-01
City Buildings and Premises: Access, Operating Hours and Rules of Conduct 307665 6-03

Consultant/Purchasing Director's Rules

TitleCity Clerk File No.Rule No.
Rules Establishing Exceptions to City Purchases of Goods and Services 320017 FAS-01-15

For-Hire Driver Collective Bargaining Director's Rules

TitleCity Clerk File No.Rule No.
Qualifying Driver and Lists of Qualifying Drivers 320058 FHDR-1
Application Process for Designating a Qualified Driver Representative 320059 FHDR-2
Certification of an Exclusive Driver Representative 320060 FHDR-3
Subjects of Bargaining between a Driver Coordinator and an Exclusive Driver Representative 320061 FHDR-4

Director's Rules Related to Encampments and Homelessness

TitleCity Clerk File No.Rule No.
Unauthorized camping on City properties, enforcement procedures and removal of unauthorized property TBD FAS 17-01
Operating Hours for City Properties, unauthorized camping on City properties, enforcement procedures and removal of unauthorized property TBD MDAR 17-01

Impound-Related Director's Rules

TitleCity Clerk File No.Rule No.
Police Impound Administrative Fees 319306 CPU-03-2015
Maximum Private Impound Fees 319307 CPU-04-2015
City Impound Fee 319308 CPU-05-2015

Seattle Business Tax Ordinance Director's Rules

TitleCity Clerk File No.Rule No.
Business License Requirements 311163 5-002
Business License Suspension and Revocation 311160 5-003
Transfer of a Business License 309761 5-004
Time Payments 309125 5-005
Tax Returns - Filing and Payment 307453 5-006
Penalties 310909 5-007
Record-Keeping Requirements 308773 5-008
Limitations on Tax Assessments 308773 5-009
Refunds 314092 5-012
Persons Making Sales Through a Direct Seller's Representative 309762 5-030
Measure of Tax - Retailers and Wholesalers 309763 5-031
Measure of Tax - Service and Other Business Activities 309764 5-032
When Tax Liability Arises 308773 5-033
Finance Charges, Carrying Charges, Interest and Penalties 308773 5-034
Freight and Delivery Charges 307453 5-035
Accounting Methods 308773 5-037
Effect of Rate Changes on Prior Contracts and Sales Agreements 309765 5-038
Employees Distinguished from Persons Engaging in Business 308773 5-039
Corporations, Massachusetts Trust 307453 5-040
Successor Liability 308773 5-042
Engaging in Business 310908 5-043
Value of Products 308773 5-044
Allocation and Apportionment Methods 309767 5-045
Valuing the Measure of the Tax for Business Activities between Related, Controlled or Affiliated Persons 310907 5-046
Implementing Seattle Business Tax Ordinance Relating to Intrastate, Interstate and Foreign Selling Activity; Inbound and Outbound Sales of Tangible Personal Property from or to Persons Outside the City of Seattle, Including Those Persons in Other States or Foreign Countries 309768 5-060
Returned Goods, Allowances, Cash Discounts 307453 5-063
Credit Losses, Bad Debts, Recoveries 308773 5-064
Taxes - Deductible and Nondeductible 308773 5-065
Non-Business Income - Grants, Bona Fide Initiative Fees, Dues, Contributions, Tuition Fees and Endowment Funds 309769 5-066
Accommodation Sales, Exchange of Fungible Products 308773 5-067
Pool Purchases 308773 5-068
Life Science Research Deduction 312567 5-069
Extracting Natural Products 307453 5-100
Manufacturing and Processing for Hire 309770 5-111
Commercial or Industrial Use 307453 5-112
Casual or Isolated Sales 310906 5-125
Conditional and Installment Sales, Method of Reporting 309125 5-126
Sales to, and by, the State of Washington, Counties, Cities, School Districts and Other Municipal Subdivisions 307453 5-127
Tribes and Tribal Members/Citizens 319890 5-129
Selling Price - Advertised Prices Including Sales Tax 307453 5-130
Trade-Ins, Selling Price, Sellers' Tax Measures 307453 5-131
Leased Departments 307453 5-132
Warranties and Maintenance Agreements 307453 5-133
Installing, Cleaning, Repairing or Otherwise Altering or Improving Personal Property of Consumers 308773 5-275
Constructing and Repairing of New or Existing Buildings or Other Structures Upon Real Property (Including Property Owned by Governmental Entities) 308773 5-276
Clearing Land, Moving Earth, Cleaning, Fumigating, Razing or Mozing Existing Buildings and Janitorial Services 309125 5-277
Telecommunications Service, Telephone Business and Telephone Service 309125 5-300
Sales of Meals 307453 5-404
Restaurants, Cocktail Bars, Taverns and Similar Businesses 307453 5-405
Motor Carriers - Trucking 307453 5-481
Computer Software 308773 5-500
Computer Hardware 308773 5-501
Taxation of Information Services and Computer-Related Services 308773 5-502
Stock Brokers and Security Houses 314088 5-521
International Investment Management Services 314089 5-522
Sales of Precious Metal Bullion and Monetized Bullion 307453 5-523
Abstract, Title Insurance and Escrow Businesses 309771 5-524
Sale or Rental of Real Estate, License to Use Real Estate 307453 5-530
Sales of Real Property, Standing Timber, Minerals, Natural Resources 307453 5-531
Real Estate Brokers and Salesman 307453 5-532
Leases or Rentals of Tangible Personal Property; Financing Leases 309125 5-536
Educational Institutions, School Districts, Student Organizations, Private Schools and Child Care Services 307453 5-600
Hospitals, Other Medical Care Facilities and Adult Family Homes 314090 5-620
Amusement, Recreation and Physical Fitness Services 307453 5-700
Coin-Operated Vending Machines, Amusement Devices and Service Machines 307453 5-702
Hotels, Motels, Boarding Houses, Rooming Houses, Resorts, Summer Camps, Trailer Camps, etc. 307453 5-720
Personal Services, Service Activities 309125 5-801
Legal, Arbitration and Mediation Services 309772 5-802
Consignees, Bailees, Factors, Agents and Auctioneers of Tangible Personal Property 307453 5-803
Staffing Business, Staffing Services 308773 5-804
Advertising Agencies 307453 5-806
Implementing Seattle Business Tax Ordinance 307453 5-807
Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Linen and Uniform Supply and Self-Service and Coin-Operated Laundry Services 309773 5-809
Publishers of Newspapers, Magazines and Periodicals 309774 5-810
Admission Tax for Nightclubs 309125 5-900
Admission Tax Exemption for Music Venues 310905 5-901
Exemptions, Deductions and Credits Available under the Employee Hours Tax 309125 5-921
Parking Tax Computations 309775 5-925
Square Footage Business Tax (Square Footage Tax) 309387 5-930

Surplus Materials Director's Rules

TitleCity Clerk File No.Rule No.
Disposition of Surplus Materials, Supplies and Equipment Other than Real Property 308138 7-01

Taxicab, For-Hire and TNC Vehicle Director's Rules

TitleCity Clerk File No.Rule No.
For-Hire Vehicle Rates 314266 CPU-01-2015
Voluntary Transfer of Taxicab and For Hire-Vehicle Medallions 319313 CPU-02-2015
Uniform Vehicle Safety Inspection Report, Approved Mechanics 319387 CPU-06-2015
Reimbursement from the Wheelchair Accessible Services Fund 319353 CPU-07-2015
Taxicab and For-Hire Vehicle Medallion Leases 319386 CPU-08-2015
Medallion Lottery Eligibility, Procedures and Awardee Requirements 320021 CPU-09.1-2106
TNC License, Vehicle Endorsement and For-Hire Driver's License Fees 319841 CPU-10-2016
Wheelchair Accesible Services Surcharge Collection 319650 CPU-11-2016
Establishment of an Alternative A. M. Best Financial Rating Requirement for Taxicab and For-Hire Vehicle Insurance 319803 CPU-12-2016
Rule rescinding 16 director's rules (either superseded or due to code changes) 320022 CPU-13-2016
Advertising Display on Taxicabs 308932 R.310.320.R
Taxicabs and For-Hire Vehicles: Definitions 306289 R-6.310.110
Operating a Taxicab or For-Hire Vehicle 306289 R-6.310.130.A
Transportation Network Company (TNC) License, Vehicle Endorsement and for For-Hire Driver’s License Fees 314168 R-6.310.150.B
Vehicle Color Scheme 314148 R-6.310.200.A(3)
Vehicle Trade Name and Number 314147 R-6.310.200A(5)
Taxicabs Associations and For Hire Vehicle Operators: Vehicle Trade and Number 306289 R-6.310.200A(6)
Application Dispatch Systems 314112 R-6.310.270.F, 270.N, 270.O; R-6.310.530.A.3; R-6.310.530.B.1; R-6.310.530.C.1
Evidence of Vehicle Insurance 310153 R-6.310.300C
Taxicab Vehicle Lease 314171 R-6.310.315
Rate Information 314149 R-6.310.320.H
Taximeters 310154 R-6.310.320.L
Passenger Information 307683 R-6.310.320.M
Vehicle Size and Fuel 310176 R-6.310.320.P
Taxicabs and For-Hire Vehicles: Vehicle Age 306289 R-6.310.320C(1)(b)
Silent Alarm 307684 R-6.310.320T
Global Position System 308932 R-6.310.320U
Taxicabs and For-Hire Vehicles: Retired Vehicles 306289 R-6.310.360.C
Green Vehicle Lending Program 310152 R-6.310.380A
Written and Oral Examination 308932 R-6.310.420.A
Taxicabs and For-Hire Vehicles: Passenger Receipts 306289 R-6.310.465.H
Taxicabs and For-Hire Vehicles: Payment of Fares 306289 R-6.310.465.M
Temporary Fuel Surcharge 310158 R-6.310.530.I
Taximeter Rate, Alternative Rates and For-Hire Vehicle Zone Fares 314170 R-6.310.530A

Treasury Services Director's Rules

TitleCity Clerk File No.Rule No.
Establishing Convenience Fees for Remote Payment Transactions 303034 99-1