Age-Friendly Discount Program

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Our online Discount Directory provides an opportunity for retail, service, arts, entertainment, tourism, and other organizations in the greater Seattle area to provide special discounts for older people and/or adults with disabilities, building their customer base and, at the same time, building a more age-friendly community. Search on any keyword or zip code to find discounts near you.

Consumers: Businesses and organizations define "older adults" and "adults with disabilities" in different ways, and some extend discounts only to Gold Card holders (age 60+) or FLASH Card holders (age 18–59 with disabilities). If in doubt, contact them directly to inquire. See current discounts offered here.

Businesses/Organizations: We welcome your participation! Click on the Submit a Discount of your choosing using this online form. Or view a short video on the benefits and steps to joining the Discount Directory. For information about other ways you can make your organization more age-friendly, visit our Age Friendly Business website at

downtown Seattle skyline with prominent Space Needle, plus images of the Gold Card for Healthy Aging and FLASH card for people with disabilities

Gold and FLASH Cards

Some of the discounts in the Age Friendly Seattle Discount Directory require a Gold Card or FLASH Card; some do not.

For an outdated, temporary print version of the Discount Directory, click here.

Steps to Apply

Gold Card

Seattle's Gold Card is a handy resource for Seattle and King County residents aged 60 or older.

To apply online:

  • Complete the online Gold Card application.
  • Applying will take about 5 minutes, and includes questions about your name, mailing address, age, and how you heard about the program.
  • You should receive your Gold Card in the mail within 1–2 weeks of application.

To apply in person:

FLASH (Fun Leisure Access Savings and Health) Card

Seattle's FLASH Card is a discount card for adults ages 18–59 with qualifying disabilities.

To apply online:

  • Complete the online FLASH Card application.
  • Applying will take about 5-10 minutes, and includes questions about your name, mailing address, proof of eligibility, and how you heard about the program.
  • Through the web form you will be able to upload copies of requested documentation directly.
  • Signatures may be required—plan ahead!
  • You should receive your FLASH Card in the mail within 1–2 weeks of application.

To apply in person:


This Discount Directory does not provide a complete list of discounts for older adults or persons with disabilities. Vendor participation in the directory is voluntary and free.

The City of Seattle has not investigated the services listed, and neither endorses the businesses nor warrants the services, products or quality offered. We do not guarantee that businesses offer the lowest price. Discounts and terms listed may change or be discontinued at any time without notice.

Businesses and other organizations that feature the Age Friendly Business Gold Card and FLASH Card sticker in their windows are discount program participants. They have not been vetted as an age-friendly business, per se.

We urge you to compare prices and seek advertised specials. Before you make a major purchase, weigh your options carefully. Check out the businesses you are thinking of doing business with by contacting the Better Business Bureau ((206) 431-2222). When purchasing services, request a written estimate or contract describing the work and the cost.

If you know of a business not listed here that offers discounts to older adults and/or persons with disabilities, give them the URL for this webpage (see link at the top of this page)

Contact Age Friendly Seattle

Have questions about Gold or FLASH cards? Want to suggest a business or service you'd like to see represented in the Discount Directory? We'd like to hear from you! E-mail or visit

Aging and Disability Services & Resources

Are you facing aging or disability issues? Visit our Resources page to find additional information about the many services and resources available that assist older adults, caregivers, and people with disabilities, particularly Community Living Connections at (206) 962-8467 (toll-free (844) 348-5464).