Uptown: Framework for the Future

What's Happening Now?

Our Draft Rezone Recommendation can now be viewed on our Project Documents page. It incorporates many of the recommendations of the Uptown Urban Design Framework, comments from the community during the planning process, and information we learned through the Environmental Impact Statement process. The comment period on the preliminary rezone is from March 22 to April 22. Please send your comments on the rezone recommendation to jim.holmes@seattle.gov.

On March 23,  we will issue our Final Uptown Rezone EIS (FEIS). The FEIS addresses comments we received on the Draft EIS in 2016, and includes updated analysis of the preferred alternative. The preferred alternative is reflected in the preliminary OPCD recommendation.

What's Next?

On March 29, we will host an Open House where participants can ask questions of city staff about the preliminary rezone proposal, next steps, and how to participate. Representatives from several City departments and other agencies will be on hand to answer questions you may have about other projects that may affect Uptown. Following the comment period, the recommendation will be revised based on the comments we receive and transmitted to the City Council for consideration.

Key upcoming dates:

Written public comment can be submitted until April 22 by writing to Jim Holmes.

Project Benefits


  • Foster leadership and collaboration between the community, City staff, and other local organizations
  • Engage a broad constituency in the neighborhood, including traditionally underrepresented populations
  • Assess opportunities for improving connectivity around Uptown
  • Recommend opportunities for community improvements around ongoing planning and capital investment efforts in the area
  • Physical and cultural integration of Seattle Center with the surrounding neighborhood
  • Strategic organizing around business district health and development

As Uptown grows, we want to encourage:

  • Diversity in household type and affordability
  • Investment in the neighborhood
  • Support for local business year-round
  • Employment to bring people to the neighborhood during the day
  • Living and working without a car
  • A vibrant and safe public environment

The End Result

We will develop a collaborative vision of Uptown that describes how the physical development of the area can positively affect quality of life, recognizing the role that place-making and urban design play in creating a walkable, livable, healthy, and vibrant neighborhood.

Project Timeline

  • June 2014 
    First community design charrette (see the charrette notes)
  • September 2014
    Second community design charrette
  • November 2014
    Third (and final) community design charrette
  • October 2015
    Publish draft Urban Design Framework
    Public workshop for review and comment
  • December 2015
    Publish final Urban Design Framework
  • Spring 2016
    Release Draft Rezone Environmental Impact Statement
  • Fall 2016
    Release Final Rezone Environmental Impact Statement
    Release Draft Rezone Recommendation
  • Early 2017
    Council consideration of Rezone Recommendation