Seattle's Comprehensive Plan

What’s Happening Now?

On October 28, 2016, the Mayor signed the ordinance that updates our Comprehensive Plan. City Council passed that ordinance unanimously on October 17, with some minor adjustments to the Mayor's recommendations released in May. One significant change was adding a Community Involvement element to the plan.

What's Next With the Comprehensive Plan?

Each year, we consider amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. In 2017, we will review some potential changes to the plan's Future Land Use maps that were identified in a 2016 City Council resolution, as well as changes that could emerge from the ongoing Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda's public outreach. There may also be recommended policies related to the future of Seattle's industrial lands, as the Mayor's Advisory Panel on industrial lands considers possible options. Click on Timeline at the top of the page for upcoming activities related to the annual amendments.

What is the Seattle Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year vision and roadmap for Seattle’s future. Our plan guides City decisions on where to build new jobs and houses, how to improve our transportation system, and where to make capital investments such as utilities, sidewalks, and libraries. Our Comprehensive Plan is the framework for most of Seattle’s big-picture decisions on how to grow while preserving and improving our neighborhoods.

Our Comprehensive Plan helps protect our environment, quality of life, and economic development. Our plan is consistent with Vision 2040 and King County’s Countywide Planning Policies.

The four core values of Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan are:

  • Community - developing strong connections between a diverse range of people and places
  • Environmental Stewardship - protect and improve the quality of our global and local natural environment
  • Economic Opportunity and Security - a strong economy and a pathway to employment is fundamental to maintaining our quality of life
  • Race and Social Equity - limited resources and opportunities must be shared; and the inclusion of under-represented communities in decision-making processes is necessary

Our plan’s urban village strategy supports the core values by:

  • Directing growth to existing urban centers and villages
  • Monitoring growth in locations where low-income households and people of color are at risk of displacement
  • Contributing to the vibrancy of our neighborhood centers
  • Reinforcing the benefits of City investments in transit, parks, utilities, community centers, and other infrastructures
  • Guiding how the City will engage the public in future planning and decision making

Project Documents

Adopted Comprehensive Plan

Equitable Development Implementation Plan

Equity Analysis

Final Environmental Impact Statement

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Seattle 2035

Seattle 2035 was the name given to the planning process that led to the 2016 major update.


Comp Plan 101

Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan must be consistent with the plan for the four-county region, Vision 2040, and with King County’s Countywide Planning Policies.


Previous Comprehensive Plan

You may view the complete Comprehensive Plan (74 MB) or view the plan in sections:

You may also view just the pages replaced during the 2014-2015 amendment process:

2017 Schedule

  • July 24 - Special Evening Date and Time: 5:30pm in Council Chambers
    Briefing and PLUZ Hearing on Resolution to Docket 2017-2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendments
  • August 1
    2017-2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendments: Docketing Discussion and Potential Vote by PLUZ Committee
  • August 15
    2016-2017 Comprehensive Plan Amendments: Briefing of PLUZ Committee, Public Hearing, 9:30 a.m.
  • September 8 or 19
    2016-2017 Comprehensive Plan Amendments: Discussion, potential vote by PLUZ Committee