Policy Recommendations

Management Action Recommendations

In the course of an investigation, OPA sometimes identifies issues with SPD policies or practices that have implications beyond the case at hand. To address them, OPA can issue a Management Action Recommendation (MAR) in the form of a letter to the Chief of Police identifying specific issues and recommending changes. A MAR is a tool for correcting gaps, ambiguities, or other concerns with SPD policies and/or training. SPD is not required to implement the suggestions that come from OPA in the form of MARs, but they do actively collaborate and attempt to find solutions as much as possible.

This page includes all MARs issued by the OPA Director since 2018, as well as the responses provided by the SPD, if available. This page is updated frequently to reflect status updates. Links to MARs issued between 2015-2017 are located below their related Closed Case Summary on our Closed Case Summaries page.

MAR Status Definitions

Received: OPA submitted the MAR to SPD, but SPD has not yet provided a substantive response. 

In Development: OPA received a response from SPD indicating a plan to address the recommendation(s). The MAR is still open.

Partially Implemented: OPA considers the MAR complete. SPD implemented one or more recommendations. For the recommendation(s) SPD did not implement, a rationale was provided. 

Fully Implemented: OPA considers the MAR complete. SPD implemented all recommendation(s) proposed by OPA. 

Declined Action: OPA considers the MAR complete. SPD indicated why no action was taken on the recommendation(s). This rationale may be based on feasibility, law, policy and/or a difference in opinion.

Management Action Recommendations - Current Year

Date Issued

Case #


OPA Status

August 1, 2019 2019OPA-0069
Custodial Search Received
July 3, 2019 2017OPA-0886
Medical Leave Received
June 25, 2019 2019OPA-0097
Criminal Justice Information Systems Received
June 18, 2019 2018OPA-0172
Canine Deployment Fully Implemented
June 11, 2019 2018OPA-1107
Custodial Search Received
June 11, 2019 2018OPA-0740
Taser Application Received
June 11, 2019 2018OPA-1037
Canine Deployment Fully Implemented
May 29, 2019 2018OPA-0783
Canine Deployment Fully Implemented
May 29, 2019 2015OPA-0370
Secondary Employment Received
March 15, 2019 2018OPA-0872
Taser Application Received
March 15, 2019 2018OPA-0772
Impact of Swatting Partially Implemented
March 15, 2019 2018OPA-0751
Detainee Checks Fully Implemented
March 15, 2019 2018OPA-0198
Pursuit Termination Declined Action
March 15, 2019 2018OPA-0582
Roadblocks Received
March 13, 2019 2018OPA-0704
De-Escalation/Threats of Force Received
March 13, 2019 2018OPA-0661
Spit Sock Hood Screening and Reporting Received
March 13, 2019 2018OPA-0201
Ferrier Warning Fully Implemented
January 18, 2019 2018OPA-0250
Terry Template Received
January 17, 2019 2018OPA-0557
De-Escalation/Threats of Force Received

Management Action Recommendations - Previous Year

OPA submitted the following MARs to the SPD Chief of Police on the dates listed below. 

January 10, 2018

Fully Implemented
Bias Reviews (2017OPA-0938, 2017OPA-1014, 2017OPA-1016, 2017OPA-1017, 2017OPA-1018, 2017OPA-1077, 2017OPA-1079, 2017OPA-1108)
Chief of Police Response - Issued February 7, 2018 

January 25, 2018

Fully Implemented
2017OPA-0571 - Specialty Unit Manuals
Chief of Police Response - Issued February 7, 2018

March 9, 2018

Declined Action
2016OPA-0719 - Secondary Employment: Volunteer Work
Chief of Police Response - Issued April 10, 2018

Declined Action
2017OPA-0270 - In-Car Video: Exception to Stop Recording
Chief of Police Response - Issued April 10, 2018

April 5, 2018

This letter contains 14 MARs covering various topics. The status of each policy recommendation is shown below. 

Fully Implemented
2017OPA-0031 - Collision Review Board
2017OPA-0751 - In-Car Video: Following Ambulances
2017OPA-0755 - Secondary Employment at Large Events
2017OPA-0813 - Reporting Misconduct
2017OPA-0820 - DUI Training
2017OPA-1131 - In-Car Video: Following Ambulances
2017OPA-1015 - Follow-Up Investigations

Partially Implemented
2017OPA-0318 - Use of Force Tools: Taser

Declined Action
2017OPA-0420 - Involvement in Vehicle Pursuits
2017OPA-0667 - High-Risk Felony Stops
2017OPA-0705 - Scheduling Training
2017OPA-0909 - De-Escalation
2017OPA-0937 - In-Car and Body-Worn Video Equipment
2017OPA-0967 - Terry Template

July 2, 2018
This letter contains 10 MARs covering various topics. The status of each policy recommendation is shown below.

Fully Implemented
2017OPA-1132 & 2018OPA-0053 - Searches
2017OPA-1301 & 2018OPA-0101 - Recording on Both In-Car and Body-Worn Video

Partially Implemented
2017OPA-0980 & 2017OPA-1008 - Handling Evidence
2017OPA-1196 - Patrol Officer Inspections

Declined Action

2017OPA-0511 - Social Media
2017OPA-1091 - Terry Template
2017OPA-1289 - Acting Sergeants

November 15, 2018

Fully Implemented
2018OPA-0129 - In-Car Video: Following Ambulances

Fully Implemented
2017OPA-1121 - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
SPD Response - Issued August 14, 2019

In Development
2017OPA-1218 - Use of Force Reporting
2018OPA-0074 - Emergency Vehicle Operations: Vehicle Takedowns

November 29, 2018

Partially Implemented
2018OPA-0061 - Use of Force Tools: Taser

In Development
2018OPA-0353 - Search Warrant Exception: Community Caretaking
2018OPA-0165 - Body-Worn Video: Recording in Sensitive Areas
2018OPA-0118 - Search Warrant Exception: Vacant Homes

December 18, 2018

Partially Implemented
2017OPA-0119 - Use of Force Tools: Taser