Community Outreach


The OPA holds community forums to encourage dialog about the complaint process at SPD. The OPA Director and members of the Investigation Section meet with community members to talk about the types of complaints OPA investigates and tell you more about the process. Other meetings may include the OPA Auditor and members of the OPA Review Board to discuss other issues about civilian oversight in Seattle. These forums are also an opportunity for the OPA to listen to your concerns or suggestions.

Please contact the OPA at (206) 615-1566 or via e-mail if you'd like to schedule a presentation for your group or organization.


The OPA is dedicated to promoting and demystify the citizen complaint process, and to receive feedback from the community and the officers on ways to improve the process. As part of this effort, the OPA has recently participated in the following events:

  • An all day "Perspectives on Profiling" training given to over 50 community members from throughout Seattle at the Filipino Community Center.

  • A series of meetings with the Minority Executive Directors Coalition Multiracial Task Force on Police Accountability.

  • Restorative Circles held with the family of the late John T. Williams and a training session with community members at the Chief Seattle Club.

  • Meetings with the Department's Native American, African American Community, and Latino Community Advisory Councils.

  • Training sessions with the Community Police Academy and through the Seattle Police Department's Sergeants School.

  • Regular meetings with representatives from the ACLU.

  • Presentations at Seattle University and through the Washington State Bar on civilian oversight, police accountability, and ethical issues.

  • City-wide meeting with mediators on alternative dispute resolution options for employee complaints.

  • Participation in Gay Pride Parade.

  • Several presentations to a variety of international visitors sponsored by the World Affairs Council visiting Seattle to learn more about police accountability.