The Seattle Police Department (SPD) North Precinct Police Station was built in 1984, and was designed for a staff 154. The precinct currently houses 250 employees, nearly 100 more than planned. Over the next several years, SPD expects to add around 50 more officers to the North Precinct.

The Department of Finance and Administrative Services (FAS) is managing a project to improve the existing facility to accommodate SPD for up to seven more years until a new facility can be built. In February 2018, SPD and the Department of Neighborhoods canvassed the neighborhood to notify neighbors about the project.

Updates and improvements

  • This solution works with the existing surrounding space of the facility to expand capacity.
  • One portable trailer will be installed in the front parking lot to serve as a community room and meeting space, which the existing precinct does not have.
  • The building will be modified inside while keeping the current footprint. Two portable trailers will be installed in the west parking lot behind the building. These improvements will increase space for officers, evidence processing, roll call, report writing and lockers.
  • The portable trailers will displace existing parking space, so the adjacent lawn on the property will be resurfaced with gravel and have fencing installed for fleet vehicle parking.

Budget, timeline and impacts

  • In November 2017, City Council set aside $11.1 million to update the existing North Precinct facility.
  • The site will be reviewed for possible wetland impacts before FAS applies for the land use permit. This review will begin as soon as possible.
  • Any major site construction, including trailer installation, may begin in spring 2019.
  • Construction is estimated to be completed as early as summer 2019.