Mayor, Council Signal Intent to Site and Build New Police Station for North Precinct

The existing North Precinct Police Station, built in 1984 to house 154 staff and now home to 254, is badly overcrowded and there is not enough space available to adequately expand it on its current site.

In September 2012, as part of the budgeting process, Mayor Mike McGinn proposed doing the planning required in 2013 to acquire land for a new station in 2014. The City Council accepted the Mayor's proposal and directed the Department of Finance and Administrative Services to accelerate the schedule, moving funding from 2014 to 2013 to support activities related to planning and site acquisition.

The City Council authorized the acquisition of three parcels for a new North Precinct Police Station in December 2013. The City also assembled an architecture and engineering team so building predesign could begin without waiting for purchase of an actual site.

Latest News

As part of the process to acquire property for the new North Precinct Police Station, on May 9 the Superior Court granted the City of Seattle condemnation power for the parcel at 12800 Aurora Ave. N. (King County Parcel Number 192604-9173). Last December, City Council approved the City's intention to acquire ownership of the property, either through a negotiated settlement or, if necessary, using its power of eminent domain (condemnation) for public use. Using the action of condemnation keeps the project on track and there may be favorable tax advantages to the sellers as well.

Phase II environmental site assessments of two of the sites are underway, and the City is working on gaining access to the third parcel to begin the environmental assessment. A land surveyor has been hired to confirm the property boundaries prior to the City assuming ownership.

On the facility design front, the project team shared program and site information at the Seattle Design Commission meeting on May 15. The commissioners offered additional ideas for the design team to consider. The Seattle Design Commission advises the Mayor, City Council and City departments on the design of capital improvement projects, as well as projects on City land, in the City right-of-way, or constructed with City dollars.