City planning New Police Station for North Precinct

The existing North Precinct Police Station, built in 1984 to house 154 staff and now home to 254, is badly overcrowded and there is not enough space available to adequately expand it on its current site. In 2013, the City began planning activities in advance of locating and building a new station. During the following year, the City assembled an architecture and engineering team to perform building predesign work without waiting for the purchase of an actual site, and then acquired three parcels of land for a new precinct station.

Latest News

The City completed acquisition of the three adjoining parcels at the southeast corner of Aurora Avenue North and North 130th Street that will be the location of the new North Precinct Police Station. Per Seattle Municipal Code 20.84, the City will provide relocation assistance to tenants as they identify new locations and vacate the sites.

On the facility design front, the project team shared program, conceptual plans and concepts for the overall shape and size of the building at the Seattle Design Commission meeting on March 5, 2015. The commissioners offered additional ideas for the design team to consider. The Seattle Design Commission advises the Mayor, City Council and City departments on the design of capital improvement projects, as well as projects on City land, in the City right-of-way, or constructed with City dollars.