University District

Address: 4009 8th Ave NE

About The P-Patch

Number Of Plots: 46
Established: 1976
Size: 14,400 sq. ft.
Wait Time: 1-2 years

A Garden for Everyone

University District Community Garden

"Hey! We're gardening on gravel here!" "Sure we are. Last year this was a parking lot!" Those voices were heard in 1975. Fortunately, those voices have slipped into the past and the former parking lot has blossomed into a thriving community garden. For twenty five years truckloads of rocks have disappeared, and even more truckloads of organic material have arrived. Heavy-duty composting has been the byword. The garden has grown into a showpiece, a place of great pride, fabulous food production, and enjoyment for all.

Half of the garden is on a 12 foot grade hill and the soil erosion continues to make these beautiful gardens hard to prosper. This is a very exciting year for the University District P-Patch community who will be meeting with Worthy and Associates (Landscape Architects) to plan a new design for the garden.

Join us for our 1st Community Gathering Saturday April 24, 2010 6-8PM Location: University Friends Meeting (UFM), 4001 9th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA, 98105
Bring your ideas and help watch the garden grow!

The University District P-Patch garden paths are the most popular shortcut in the district. In one of the city's most heavily traveled neighborhoods, many people walk through the garden to learn what's new in the vegetable kingdom, vicariously participate in nature's seasons, stop to smell the flowers and take stunning photos. The passersby appreciate the flowers and herbs spilling onto the sidewalks; they marvel at the dwarf apple trees in the parking strips.
The garden reaches beyond the gardeners and the passersby. It can be viewed from the interstate freeway; . The University District P-Patch reaches out to all of Seattle.

Stop by and visit us sometime, as we journey forward for our next twenty five years of bountiful organic garden growth and community enhancement.