Meet the Director

Greg Wong

headshot of Greg Wong. he is smiling and wearing a grey suit with a blue tieGreg Wong is honored to serve as Director of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (DON). In that role, he leads a team devoted to creating and sustaining strong, vibrant communities that connect people to each other and their sense of place. Greg is driven by solving inequities and building neighborhoods where ALL Seattleites feel connected, empowered, supported, and heard. He believes that weaving the fabric of our communities tighter will allow both individual residents and our collective City to thrive.

Prior to joining DON, Greg was a community leader and attorney experienced in addressing a diverse array of issues. As an attorney, he worked on complex political and social policy issues, such as gun violence prevention, reducing economic inequities, raising the minimum wage, combating climate change, protecting endangered species, providing increased funding for public schools, and creating a more equitable tax code. He drafted and litigated numerous laws and argued constitutional cases from genesis to the Washington Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. A recipient of the Seattle Council PTSA's Golden Acorn Award and Seattle Public School's Citizen Service Award, Greg has led school levy campaigns that benefited every single public school in Seattle, helped establish the City's high-quality, affordable preschool program, and served in executive board roles with several community organizations and his church. Before becoming an attorney, he worked locally in nonprofits providing homeless and affordable housing services and coordinating a tutoring center for children living in public housing. He also was an eighth-grade science teacher in the Mississippi Delta.

Born and raised in Seattle, Greg has a deep love for the City's unique neighborhoods and a strong belief in the people of Seattle's ability to create vibrant, thriving, and safe communities for everyone. Wong lives in Southeast Seattle with his immediate family, and his extended family spans the City from Highland Park and Delridge to Judkins Park, Queen Anne, Ballard, and the University District.