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Strengthening Seattle by actively engaging all communities!

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods provides resources and opportunities for community members to build strong communities and improve their quality of life. Through our programs and services, we meet people where they are and help neighbors develop a stronger sense of place, build closer ties, and engage with their community and city government.

The Department of Neighborhoods has a growing number of programs and services to better connect community members with each other and city government. Read more about our programs and services.

Director Kathy Nyland

Kathy's path to policy and public service is a little less traditional than most. Her neighborhood advocacy work has led her to achieve a rare trifecta: beating City Hall, working with City Hall, and now working in City Hall. 

Over the years, Kathy has strategized and advocated on behalf of neighborhoods and other underrepresented communities. She founded a neighborhood business association, chaired Seattle's City Neighborhood Council organization, mobilized her community, and prevailed on a number of David versus Goliath issues, including the creation of Seattle's Zero Waste Policy.

Prior to taking on her role as Senior Policy Advisory in the Mayor's office, Kathy served as Chief of Staff to a Seattle City Councilmember. In 2015, she was appointed as the Director of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. Driven by a sense of fairness and a wonky passion for outreach, Kathy believes in the power of good policy and public engagement. She's mobilized community resources, engaged broad public participation in programs and projects, and identified established and emerging community leaders, all while understanding that civic engagement depends upon access to information.

She brings her dedication and leadership to Seattle Department of Neighborhoods which strives to strengthen Seattle by engaging all
communities. The department does this by fostering community partnerships, cultivating emerging leadership, and facilitating community inclusiveness. Outreach and engagement is the core of what it does, and equity is its guiding principle.

"Everyone has a voice, and it's our job to listen. We are here to create more opportunities so people can be heard."

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