New Holly Lucky Garden

Address: S Holly St & Shaffer Ave S

About The P-Patch

Number Of Plots: 9
Established: 2009
Size: 2,000 sq. ft.
Wait Time: 0-6 months

New Holly Lucky Garden

The gardeners chose Lucky Garden perhaps because they feel lucky to have a new garden space.  Most of the gardeners had garden space in Lower Holly Park and lost as part of the New Holly Redevelopment. This is a prolific and beautiful garden.  In the summer, Asian long beans grow on the bamboo fence surrounding the garden. In 2010 this gem of a garden is being rebuilt by its dedicated gardeners, who, after many years of gardening,still smile and say this is the LUCKY garden.

The garden is part of Central Park where up to 200 youth will play on warm evenings or on weekends.  The gardeners and the youth struggled at first.   There was vandalism and many of the gardeners could not communicate to the youth when there were problems.  In the past, the veggie on the stick  art project and a big community party helped to alleviate the tension and the garden vandalism.