John C. Little Garden

Address: 37th Ave S & S Willow St

About The P-Patch

Number Of Plots: 26
Established: 2013
Size: 7,200 sq. ft.

John C. Little Garden

John C Little P-Patch was developed in 2012 in John C Little Park through a Levy funded project.   John C. Little, Sr. (d. 1999) was a member of the Board of Park Commissioners for seven years. Naming the park after him celebrates his service and career developing programs and services for the community, especially disadvantaged youth and the low-income families. Mr. Little helped found the Central Area Youth Association and created a 4-H program for Seattle modeled on the program for rural kids.

This terraces garden have served 35 plus multi-cultural households to access community gardening for their cultural appropriate food, recreational social network and physical activity.   ADA accessibility and ADA raised beds availability have built in this unique terraces garden. This terraces garden is located on a portion of the North side of John C L Park.  This is very attractive to walking by people and senior retirement residents who live across the street are always come to hang out there to watch the gardeners grow beautiful garden.  The feature of this garden are path way is peak compacted crewel wood chip alongside edge, variety of fruit trees and nice barn fence surrounded garden.  A beautify tool shed also for convenience tools access.  Also a 48' blue box of Emergency preparedness' kit have been stored at this garden for a central location access in the neighborhoods.