Haller Lake

Address: 13035 1st Ave NE


  • Demonstration Gardens
  • Accessible Raised Beds

About The P-Patch

Number Of Plots: 52
Established: 1998
Size: 12,500 sq. ft.
Wait Time: 1-2 years

Haller Lake P-Patch

Provided by Carolyn Crockett

Haller Lake P-Patch (HLPP) was constructed on Haller Lake United Methodist Church property in 1998, with Neighborhood Matching funding (NMF) from Department of Neighborhoods, fiscal sponsorship from Friends of P-Patch (now GROW), and a letter of support from the Haller Lake Community Club. Since then, the P-Patch has flourished, providing organically grown produce for families gardening at HLPP, as well as donating about 1000 pounds per year to local food banks, primarily North Helpline in Lake City.  HLPP's public areas provide aesthetic enhancement to the neighborhood with flowers on the street edges, shady seating areas, and a children's play area. Visitors are often seen strolling the paths, and admiring or photographing our community garden. A butterfly garden and native plants and trees attract urban wildlife. From our P-Patch we have seen 36 bird species, 6 mammal species, 7 butterfly species and numerous other invertebrates.


After 17 years, though, the cedar used in the raised beds was deteriorating, and the two elevated accessible beds were collapsing. A DON NMF grant was awarded and the beds rebuilt in 2015. The new bed material is made of wood chips and concrete and is expected to last up to 30 years. Renovations began in March, 2015, and include rebuilding the beds-including two elevated accessible beds and accessible paths, new compost bins made in part from recycled cedar fencing, and a new patio from recycled concrete roof tiles from a Coast Guard Station. A new wash station was made from a sturdy table from University of Washington Surplus and a sink from Second Use; new planters and benches were added along the north border. Every Summer, Haller Lake P-Patch hosts an Open Garden celebration for neighbors and anyone interested in community gardening.