Address: 343 NW 88th St


  • Accessible Raised Beds
  • Orchard

About The P-Patch

Number Of Plots: 32
Established: 1997
Size: 3,200 sq. ft.
Wait Time: 2+ years

Greenwood P-Patch [between 3rd and 6th on N.88th St.] was constructed on a 50 ft. lot previously owned by the homeowners on it's western boundary. It was built last summer and completed near the end of July. It is situated on a piece of land which once was a rose and fruit garden, and so came ready equipped with Pear, Apple, two kinds of Cherry trees. A green plum has been added, and unfortunately, one of the Cherry trees has succumbed to old age. [We plan to donate the wood to local artists and replace it with another flowering or fruiting tree]. At the alley end we have two beautiful Rhododendrons, and have added roses and Clemantis near and on the entry trellis. Beneath the two trees closest to 88th St. we planted many herbs for the gardeners to share, and in addition to the impatiens bordering the walk, plan to grow more perennials at the base of the front fence. The process of building the site included demolition of an old concrete walk, with the broken pieces of concrete forming the paving pieces for a new walk from the front fence to the street. Excavation and installation of an underground watering system with stand pipes and faucets was next, followed by installation of the 2"x12" boards to form the boxes for our raised beds and dumping and spreading new soil within these boxes. A trellis and a garden shed were constructed at each end of the plot , and this spring we finished completely fencing the site (a little more painting is left, to be completed through the summer). All the gardeners participated in the most of the many work parties necessary to accomplish all this, and all are very proud of the results. Though we managed to produce a creditable crop last year, even after we planted in late July, the opportunity to plant early this year and the warm weather has produced magnificent results already. Crops are so dense and high that photos have to be taken from a step ladder and the garden shed roof to be able to view past the plants in the foreground. Contrary to the negligence reported in some P-patches, the Greenwood gardeners have all added wooden dividers between plots, added flowers to their vegetable plantings, and been conscientious caretakers. Because of the tomato blight we all experienced last year, most of our tomatoes have been planted in separate pots this year, and they are huge, prolific, and gorgeous. Our Fruit trees were all pruned in February, and consequently they are loaded with fruit. We even had a pie made with cherries from our tree at one of our work parties. It is hard for us to imagine a more satisfying and delightful way to use the small amount of time required for each of us to appropriately maintain each gardener's plot. Everyone is welcome to come and see the beautiful results of all our hard work.