Courtland Place

Address: 3600 36th Ave S


  • Meeting Space outdoor (with seating and cover)

About The P-Patch

Number Of Plots: 23
Established: 1999
Size: 2,500 sq. ft.
Wait Time: 0-6 months

Community Open Space
Courtland Place P-Patch was born out of a need to reclaim an unused section of S Spokane Street right-of-way for the greater good of the local community. Formerly, the land was the site of drug dealing and other illegal activities. It is now a neighborhood magnet; where people congregate for neighborhood meetings, parties, and camaraderie. This P-Patch is distinguishable by its identical raised beds, native plant border, and cedar tool shed.

Get Involved!
If you are interested in designing, building, or gardening in this or any other P-Patch, find out more about the P-Patch sign-up process here. To sign up as a P-Patch participant, call 206-684-0264, email, or sign up online.