Angel Morgan

Address: 3956 S Morgan St


  • Giving Garden(s)
  • Children's Play area
  • Accessible Raised Beds

About The P-Patch

Number Of Plots: 30
Established: 2004
Size: 22,650 sq. ft.
Wait Time: 0-6 months

Angel Morgan P-Patch & Sitting Park

Neighbors in a South Seattle community came together in 2003 to talk about what could be done with the abandoned lot at 42nd Ave South between Morgan Street and Angel Place. The seed planted at that first meeting is now, in spring 2004, almost ready to bloom into the Angel Morgan P-Patch & Sitting Park. After a year of hard and rewarding work by neighbors hoping to create a place of community and beauty, the garden is ready for planting. In addition to abundant garden plots, the plans for the site include a berry patch, two food bank beds, fruit trees, a rock garden, perennial plantings, two wheelchair-accessible plots, a tool shed, compost bins, a gathering area and picnic area, a sitting park with benches and shade trees, and a children's play area. This variety in the site is matched by the diversity in the neighborhood: gardeners hail from all over the United States, The Philippines, Vietnam, Guatemala, Liberia, China, Mexico, Laos and Samoa. Over the next year, all of us will continue to transform a bare patch of ground into a lush and nourishing community garden.