2016 NPSF Application

Applications for 2016 are closed.

For all projects:

It is always best to discuss your project with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) or Department of Parks and Recreation (Parks) before submitting your application. Projects are often deceptively complex or unfeasible. Department staff may be able to help you increase the competitiveness of your application. It is also important to discuss this with your neighbors and community groups. If you need information on community groups in your area, contact Department of Neighborhoods.

NOTE: Any suggestions for proposed solutions will be reviewed for compliance with standards, constructability, and suitability to the NPSF program. City staff will review proposals and make final recommendations on scope, schedule and budget.

It is the intention of the NPSF program to deliver community driven projects. Since unforeseen issues can arise during the design, outreach, and construction process, projects may change in scope and schedule in order to stay within budget with notice. At times in order to coordinate construction timing with nearby projects and/or reduce costs and disruption to the community, projects could be delayed or, in extreme cases, cancelled due to constructability or cost.