Neighborhood Park and Street Fund

The Neighborhood Park and Street Fund provides funds annually to neighborhoods for small-scale improvements to streets and parks. The projects, which can receive up to $90,000, are proposed by community members in February of each year and if chosen, are implemented the following year.

Examples of Projects

Park projects:

  • Accessibility improvements
  • Trail/path maintenance and upgrades
  • Park benches or tables
  • Natural area renovations
  • Minor playground improvements

Street projects:

Criteria and Evaluation

  • Cost of Project: Projects must cost less than $90,000 as determined by SDOT and Parks.
  • Significant Impact: The project has widespread positive impact on the neighborhood as a whole.
  • Broad Support: The project has the support of multiple neighborhood or community groups. Both residential and business groups are encouraged to apply, as well as individuals.
  • Leveraging Opportunities: The project qualifies for funding from another City of Seattle source which leaves more funds available for other projects.
  • Equity: Since funding is equitably shared among neighborhoods over time, neighborhoods that already receive significant public investment from other sources may be given lower priority.


The fund is competitive and not all projects are funded. Each Neighborhood District Council reviews the applications and selects three projects to forward to Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Seattle Parks and Recreation (Parks) for detailed feasibility and cost analysis. Funding decisions are based on recommendations from District Councils, Parks, and SDOT, with the final decisions made by the Mayor.

Late Dec./Early January Application available.
February Application deadline. 
February/March Neighborhood District Councils review applications.
Early April Neighborhood District Councils forward top 3 projects to SDOT/Parks for feasibility review and initial cost estimates.
Early June SDOT/Parks return project feasibility reviews and cost estimates to Neighborhood District Councils.
June, July Neighborhood District Councils review and submit final project rankings to DON.
September DON notifies applicants of award/no award project status. Project award recommendations are included in Mayor's proposed budget.
November Seattle City Council considers recommendations and adopts budget.
December DON announces final project awards.
Following year Implementation of projects.


If you have questions about the application process or feasibility of a proposal, contact your Neighborhood District Coordinator or Wendy Watson at or 206-684-0719.

For questions about Parks projects, contact Pamela Kliment at

For questions about Transportation projects, contact Howard Wu at