How to Apply

Step 1: Review NMF Guidelines (PDF).

Who should Apply, what we fund, eligible expenses, how to apply and more.

Step 2: Register at

It can take up to 48 hours to receive a password.

Step 3: Work with an NMF project manager

Discuss project eligibility and feasibility.

Step 4: Secure permission from property owner(s) (if applicable) and research regulations.

If the project involves use of, or changes to, property that  the applicant organization does not own, written permission from the owner must be submitted with the application. Permit costs, if any, can be included in the NMF budget.

For improvements to City property, the appropriate City department will provide permission and approval during the application review process. Read the SDOT and Parks Project Criteria.

Step 5: Determine resources needed and total project budget.

Determine which of these resources the applicant organization can provide and which will need City funding.

Step 6: Confirm and document all match resources

Requirements are outlined on page 5 of the NMF Guidelines.

Step 7: Provide draft application for to project manager to review and provide feedback

Please allow at least 5 working days for a response.

Step 8: Submit a final completed application at