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Clean Energy/Transportation

"Green" Fleet Action Plan Update (PDF format)
In 2002, Mayor Nickels released his Environmental Action Agenda that included a number of green fleet activities. As part of this agenda, in 2003 the City of Seattle created an action plan to "green" the City's fleet of vehicles by reducing emissions and fuel use. In August 2007, the City of Seattle updated its plan, describing steps the City will take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its fleet of vehicles.


Seattle City Hall Case Study
Designed to last 100 years, with the ability to adapt to changing services and technology, the new City Hall expresses Seattleites' values -- it is healthy, open and transparent; achieves great resource savings; and features a living roof. Read about the Seattle City Hall and its “Gold” LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Seattle Justice Center Case Study
Also designed for a 100-year life span, the new Justice Center features interior spaces illuminated with daylight, an open space design that provides views, a thermal buffer wall to save energy, and a multi-functional living roof. Read about the Seattle Justice Center and the “Silver” LEED rating awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Seattle Municipal (Key) Tower Remodel Case Study
A remodel to City's office tower highlights a green conference center and was designed to achieve the “Silver” LEED rating. 

Park 90-5 Case Study
Formerly a coffee-roasting plant and a meat-packing facility, Park 90-5's buildings A and C were sustainably revitalized by the City and now house several specialized Seattle Police Department functions.

Southwest Precinct of Seattle Police Department Case Study
Sustainable building strategies used will lower operation and maintenance costs an estimated $83,000 per year.  Highlights include canted wall and overhang to provide sun protection and operable windows with fritted glass.

As neighborhood fire stations are being renovated and replaced, energy optimization is a cornerstone of those projects. Please see the Fire Stations Optimizing Energy Performance Technical Brief . Sustainability is another cornerstone. Please see the Fire Station EcoCharette Reports for more information.