In November 2003, 69 percent of people voting in Seattle approved the Fire Facilities and Emergency Response Levy. This program, which started in 2004, will use levy proceeds and other funding to:

  • upgrade, renovate or replace 32 neighborhood fire stations;
  • construct a new training facility and a new Fire Alarm Center;
  • establish emergency preparedness facilities and disaster response equipment that includes a modern, seismically safe Emergency Operations Center, emergency community supplies, emergency shelter power generators, and emergency water supply capacity for fire fighting in the event the city's fire hydrants are disabled; and
  • build a new large fire boat, a new small fire boat, and renovate the Chief Seattle fireboat.

Fire Station 6 - Central District

Completed in January 2013, the new Fire Station 6 in the Central District neighborhood provides adequate space for modern firefighting equipment and operations. Firefighters had outgrown the historic station (built in 1931) located at the corner of East Yesler Way and 23rd Avenue South. Photo credit: Lara Swimmer Photography.