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About the Department of Executive Administration

Department Mission

The Department of Executive Administration (DEA) provides a variety of services to the public, including consumer protection; public safety; animal welfare; business and pet licensing; tax auditing and enforcement; and processing of payments, fines, and taxes. DEA also provides internal administrative services to City departments, such as purchasing, contracting, payroll, risk management, and data systems management.

Department of Executive Administration Priorities

Build Strong Families and Healthy Communities

Furthering social justice. The Department of Executive Administration administers the Citys equal benefits program, which requires City contractors to provide benefits to their employees with domestic partners that are equal to the benefits provided to employees with spouses. DEA provides outreach to small and disadvantaged businesses, and helps them to compete more effectively for public and private contracts.

Create Jobs and Opportunity For All

Moving forward on E-government. The City of Seattles Seattle Electronic Filing system (SELF) now allows businesses to file their city business and occupation tax, and their utility business and occupation tax on-line. Businesses can file their returns and pay their taxes, check for unpaid obligations, and update information all on-line.

Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe

Protecting animals and humans. Our Animal Shelter provides a variety of services to improve the lives of pets in the city, and to protect animals and humans through enforcement of leash laws, anticruelty laws, and laws related to dangerous animals.

Get Seattle Moving

Regulating taxicabs in Seattle. DEAs Consumer Affairs Division regulates taxicabs in Seattle; inspecting taxicabs and testing drivers to ensure they can safely transport passengers. The division also verifies the accuracy of meters and ensures taxicabs and drivers conform to taxi code standards.

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