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The Ethnic Heritage Art Gallery was founded in January 2009 by a coalition of four City of Seattle Affinity Groups: City Light Black Employees Association (CLBEA), Filipino American Civic Employees (FACES), Latino City Employees (LCE), and City of Seattle Native American Employees (CANOES). EHAG’s goals in support of the Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI) are to build and strengthen relationships with communities of color, to foster pride and appreciation for diverse cultures, showcase and support local artists of color, and build appreciation for the diversity and social commentary of art.

In collaboration with Arts & Culture, EHAG presents quarterly exhibits showcasing local artists of color selected by the EHAG‘s team of City of Seattle employee volunteers.

The Ethnic Artist Roster

The Ethnic Artist Roster is a diverse list of artists of color who were selected through a panel process for exhibition opportunities in city owned or affiliated galleries. Learn more at the Office of Arts and Culture.

Upcoming Exhibition Schedule 2019

"The Wardrobe Meets

  the Wall"

    by Tierney Hogan

Upcoming Exhibition Schedule 2019

"We Are One"

    by Lawrence Pitre

Upcoming Exhibition Schedule 2019

"A Persian Spectra"

    by Nasrin Afrouz


Artist Spotlight

Del A. Bermudez II

Needle Point Painter

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