Building Tune-Ups in 35 school buildings earned $185,646 in rebates for Seattle Public Schools While they may not realize anything is different, many students at Seattle Public Schools are now attending classes in buildings that are more [...]
What goes well with reading and math? Pears! That’s just one example of what roughly 6,800 elementary students at Seattle Public Schools will be snacking on through a new partnership with the Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment. The [...]
For Som, summer August days means weekly shopping trips to the Columbia City Farmers Market, “We are actually able to eat fruits and vegetables regularly, instead of occasionally [when] we would splurge,” she says. Som is a Fresh Bucks customer and [...]
Fresh Bucks helps make fruits and vegetables affordable to Seattle residents who struggle to afford nutritious food. The program has grown steadily since 2012, and in 2018, with investment from Seattle’s Sweetened Beverage Tax, Fresh Bucks provided [...]
Mayor Durkan recently introduced legislation aimed at accelerating Seattle’s conversion of Seattle’s homes that burn oil for heat to cleaner electric heating. This legislation is a key tool to help us reduce our climate impacts. Oil is one of the [...]