Seattle to use Sweetened Beverage Tax revenues for fresh fruits and vegetables for kids Students at up to 19 Seattle elementary schools will get extra servings of fresh fruits and vegetables at school this year thanks to the Seattle Sweetened [...]
The Office of Sustainability & Environment (OSE) is pleased to announce that Chris Page has joined OSE as our Climate Director. The Climate Director is primarily responsible for directing and coordinating the numerous strategies that Seattle is [...]
In the heart of Rainier Valley you’ll find Zamzam, a small business owner and a dedicated member of the community, who works hard to help her customers afford healthy foods. “Fruits and vegetables in my neighborhood affect the health of my community [...]
Seattle’s progressive energy efficiency policies like the City’s Building Tune-Ups Ordinance and a strong local market favoring energy efficient buildings requires a specialized workforce to tune-up buildings and keep them operating their best. [...]
This article is part of the series: “Seattle Environmental Justice in Action” — highlighting projects and organizations that are advancing environmental justice in our city. In 2017, the City of Seattle and the King Conservation District (KCD) to [...]