Many families rely on monthly SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits to help put enough food on the table. However, when people are on a tight food budget, one of the first things that is dropped is fresh fruits and vegetables as [...]
On January 1st, the Sweetened Beverage Tax went into effect in Seattle. The tax rate is 1.75 cents per ounce and is charged directly to distributors. Consumers may or may not see a price increase. Distributors are free to pass or not pass the added [...]
Do you love trees? Do you want to help Seattle protect its trees and continue to be the Emerald City? Then you should join the Urban Forestry Commission! Volunteering for this Commission is an opportunity to support city government in developing [...]
Building on a successful promotion in 2017, Seattle is extending its Oil Furnace Replacement Program into 2018.  The program encourages homeowners to replace their oil furnace with an energy-efficient electric heat pump.  The City of Seattle has [...]
As part of our early work in developing the Seattle Resilience Strategy, the Seattle Resilience Team distributed a survey to get a sense of what the community felt were our most pressing challenges as a city. The survey was open for nearly a month [...]