The Environmental Justice Fund is a grant opportunity for community-led projects that improve environmental conditions, respond to impacts of climate change, and get us closer to acheiving environmental justice. The application process is now open. [...]
Pah-tu Pitt G. is the Co-Chair of the Environmental Justice Committee and currently works on advocacy for indigenous climate change resiliency, sustainable economic development, and grassroots organizing at regional and local levels in the Pacific [...]
Jaimée joined the EJC in 2020 and participates on the Healthy Environment for All Sub-committee. They currently serve as Executive Director of FEEST, a non-profit organization centering youth as leaders working towards school food systems [...]
In March, Seattle was one of the first cities in the nation to launch an emergency grocery voucher program for families who were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The initial $5 million investment provided vouchers to 6,250 low-income families to [...]
Each year the Office of Sustainability’s Equity & Environment Initiative (EEI) distributes approximately $250,000 to support the improvement of environmental and health conditions in response to climate change with the goal of advancing [...]