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Apply for $100 in Democracy Vouchers

If you are a registered voter, you do not need to apply and will automatically receive your Democracy Vouchers by mail. If you are a registered voter and have not received your Democracy Vouchers yet, please e-mail or call 206-727-8855 (language assistance available). You will be asked to provide your name, date of birth, and mailing address.

If you are not a registered voter, please read the following eligibility requirements.

In order to apply for Democracy Vouchers, you must be:

  • A Seattle resident,
  • At least 18 years of age, and
  • A U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or lawful permanent resident ("green card holder")

If I do not have a permanent address, can I still participate?

Yes. You may register at an address where you spend a substantial part of your time or have some connection. This could be a previously permanent address, shelter, or similar place.

If you have additional questions about your unique situation, please contact the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission by calling (206) 727-8855 or e-mailing

The application is available in these languages:

English - Democracy Voucher Application

Amharic / አማርኛ - የዳሞክራሲ ኩፖን ፕሮግራም ማመሌከቻ ቅጽ

Cambodian / Khmer - ពាក្យសុំកម្មវិធីប័ណ្ណទឹកប្រាក់ប្រជាធិបតេយ្យ

Chinese (Traditional)/ 繁體中文 - 「民主代金券計劃」申請

Chinese (Simplified)/ 简体中文 - "民主代金券计划"申请

Filipino / Tagalog - Aplikasyon sa Programang Democracy Voucher

Korean / 한국어 - 민주주의 바우처 프로그램 신청서

Lao / ພາສາລາວ - ໃບ​ສະ​ໝັກ​ຂໍ​ໂຄງ​ການ​ໃບ​ເງິນ​ບໍ​ລິ​ຈາກ​ສົ່ງ​ເສີມ​ປະ​ຊາ​ທິ​ປະ​ໄຕ

Oromo / Oromiffa - Uunka Sagantaa Filannoo Dimookiraasii

Russian / русский язык - Заявление на участие в программе Демократического ваучера

Somali / af Soomaali - Barnaamijka Codsiga Foojarada Dimuqraadiyada

Spanish / Español - Solicitud para el Programa de vales democráticos

Thai / ภาษาไทย - ใบสมคั รเขา้ ร่วมโครงการบตั รกานลั เพอื่ สนบั สนุนระบอบประชาธปิ ไตย

Tigrigna / ትግርኛ - ናይ ዲሞክራሲ ቮውቸር ፕሮግራም መመልከቲ

Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt - Đơn đăng ký Chương trình Voucher Dân chủ