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Urban Politics (UP) is an e-newsletter that blends my insights, personal experiences and information on current public policy developments with the intent of helping citizens shape Seattle's future.

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Archive Index Organized by Issue Number:
2014 (#344 - Current)
2013 (#330 - #343) • 2012 (#329 - #318)2011 (#317 - #305)
2010 (#304 - #273)2009 (#272 - #284)2008 (#271 - #243)
2007 (#242 - #226)2006 (#225 - #209)2005 (#208 - #190)
2004 (#189 - #171)2003 (#170 - #146)2002 (#145 - #120)
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Issue #361, 12/08/2014
Local Progress 3rd Annual Meeting:
A Progressive Movement Arises From Our Cities
Issue #352, 6/5/2014
Seattle's Minimum Wage makes us a World Class City
Issue #360, 12/03/2014
December 10 Forum - Possibilities for a Public Bank in Seattle
Issue #351, 5/22/2014
Fair Funding for Metro Transit
Issue #359, 11/24/2014
Motion to Consider Limited Fossil Fuel Divestment Passes
Issue #350, 5/2/2014
City Council Budget Workshops May 6, 7, 8 and 14
Issue #358, 11/17/2014
A Public Symposium on Medical Marijuana
Issue #349, 4/21/2014
A Seattle Park District
Issue #357, 9/19/2014
"Stepping Forward" May be a Step Backward for Many
Issue #348, 4/16/2014
Public Hearing on Seattle's Police Accountability System
Issue #356, 8/27/2014
Seattle Park District Next Steps
Issue #347, 4/1/2014
Councilmember Licata Announces Bold New Plan for Pedestrian Safety Downtown
Issue #355, 8/13/2014
My letter to Congress regarding the Gaza crisis
Issue #346, 3/21/2014
March 27 Income Inequality Symposium
Issue #354, 7/7/2014
Should we build rail on First Avenue downtown?
Issue #345, 3/5/2014
Police Discipline Disappears Into the Twilight Zone
Issue #353, 6/18/2014
Is City Light CEO's Raise Justified?
Issue #344, 2/6/2014
Come to a Seattle Workforce Housing Forum Next Week

Issue #343, 12/9/2013
Accountability in the City Budget

Issue #342, 10/14/2013
Homeless Families Shelter

Issue #341, 10/14/2013
Medical Marijuana Land Use Rules

Issue #340, 10/07/2013
Don't Give Up

Issue #339, 6/21/2013
Should Seattle return to public financing of elections?

Issue #338, 6/6/2013
Job Assistance Legislation - Giving People a Second Chance

Issue #337, 6/3/2013
The Rise and Fall of Seattle's Monorail Movement



Issue #336, 5/17/2013
Council Vote on South Lake Union Rezone

Issue #335, 4/22/2013
Earth Day & Green Buildings

Issue #334, 4/19/2013
Micro-Units Are Coming; No They Are Here

Issue #333, 3/29/2013
South Lake Union Housing Part 2

Issue #332, 3/22/2013
South Lake Union Housing Part 1

Issue #331, 2/20/2013
Legislation Required to Balance Safety and Privacy

Issue #330, 1/8/2013
Public Financing of Election Campaigns

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Issue #329, 12/7/2012
Socially Responsible Banking in Seattle

Issue #328, 11/26/2012
Creating Local Progress

Issue #327, 9/24/2012
SODO Arena Vote

Issue #326, 9/14/2012
Basketball Arena Vote

Issue #325, 5/11/2012
The Yesler Terrace Redevelopment Project

Issue #324, 5/11/2012
How Do We Ensure We Aren't a City with Homeless Children Sleeping Outdoors?

Issue #323, 5/11/2012
Towing Update

Issue #322, 5/7/2012
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Arts

Issue #321, 4/17/2012
Social Media and Urban Politics

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Issue #320, 4/6/2012
Arena Review Panel Looks Into Funding a Basketball and Hockey Arena

Issue #319, 3/23/2012
Library Levy Proposal

Issue #318, 2/17/2012
Mayor's Proposal for a New Sports Arena

Issue #317, 12/13/2011
Roosevelt Neighborhood Rezone

Issue #316, 12/8/2011
Car Towing Rates

Issue #315, 11/23/2011
The Occupy Resolution

Issue#314, 10/17/2011
Seattle Transportation Implementation Review Panel (STIRP)

Issue #313, 9/8/2011
Tunnel Vote

Issue  #312, 8/22/2011
The $60 Vehicle License Fee Vote

Issue #311, 7/22/2011
Medical Cannabis Regulation

Issue #310, 7/11/2011
War Dollars Resolution

Issue #309, 6/23/2011
Paid Sick Leave

Issue #308, 4/22/2011
Preserving Pioneer Square's Character

Issue #307, 2/14/2011
Saving Artists' Work Space & the 619 Western Building

Issue #306, 2/9/2011
Bored Tunnel Agreement Vote

Issue #305, 1/24/2011
The State Legislature and Surface Solution for Alaska Way Viaduct

Issue #304, 12/9/2010
Seattle Skyline and Signs

Issue #303, 11/30/2010
The Deep Bore Tunnel Controversy

Issue #302, 11/12/2010
City Budget

Issue #301, 10/29/2010
Seattle's Tent City

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Issue #300, 9/27/2010
MOHAI & The City Budget

Issue #299, 9/17/2010
Smart & Equitable Growth and New Legislation

Issue #298, 9/13/2010
Social Equity and Urban Growth

Issue #297, 9/10/2010
Nighttime Disturbance

Issue #296, 7/15/2010
Regulating Commercial Display of Human Remains

Issue #295, 6/29/2010
The Fun Forest Site's Future

Issue #294, 6/7/2010
Tunnel Costs

Issue #293, 5/26/2010
Rental Inspections

Issue #292, 5/13/2010
The Budget and Rethinking Mercer West

Issue #291, 5/3/2010
Getting to Zero Waste

Issue #290, 4/16/2010
Panhandling Vote This Monday

Issue #289, 4/8/2010
Panhandling Legislation

Issue #288, 3/23/2010
Replacing the Seawall

Issue #287, 3/17/2010
Rental Inspections

Issue #286, 3/4/2010
Lobbying the City and Reporting Contributors

Issue #285, 1/30/2010
A New Year & the New SR 520 Design

Issue #284, 11/23/09
The 2010 City Budget

Issue #283, 11/20/09
Speed and Red Light Cameras - Good or Bad?

Issue #282, 11/16/09
Mayor Elect Mike McGinn Reaches Out

Issue #281, 11/11/09
City Light Rate Increase

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Issue #280, 9/25/09
Mayor's Budget & The Deep Bore Tunnel

Issue #279, 8/28/2009
Members Sought For Urban Forest Commission
Urban Forest Legislation
Urban Forest Benefits
Urban Forestry Commission
Members Sought

Issue #278, 6/8/2009
Seattle's First Pedestrian Master Plan
Pedestrian Safety in King County Too

Issue #277, 4/30/09
Council Snow Response Report

Issue #276, 4/12/09
A Tale of Two Trees

Issue #275, 4/01/09
Does Seattle Need To Build A New Jail? - Part Two

Issue #274, 2/24/09
Seattle One Paper Or No Paper Town

Issue #273, 2/19/09
The Time for Real Health Care Reform Is Now

Issue #272, 1/15/09
Dig That Tunnel

Issue #271, 12/27/08
Transportation Projects & Funding:
Alaskan Way Viaduct
Elevated and Surface Options
Viaduct Finances (And 520)
1st Avenue Streetcar
SLU Streetcar
And Finally Holliday Greetings & Happy New Years

Issue #270, 12/9/08
Sausage Making & Streetcars

Issue #269, 12/7/08
$600 Million for a Streetcar Network?

Issue #268, 12/3/08
City Retirement Board Divests in Sudan

Issue #267, 11/27/08
The New City Budget (2009-2010)

Issue #266, 11/13/08
Does Seattle Need to Build a New Jail?

Issue #265, 11/10/08
Council May Vote $30 Million More on Mercer

Issue # 264, 10/21/08
Saving City Council's Public Safety Program

Issue # 263, 10/2/08
Vulcan Circles Its Wagons - Council Speaks Up

Issue # 262, 9/30/08
Should the City Spend $43 Million on Citywide Transportation Improvements or on a Two-Way Mercer Boulevard?

Issue # 261, 9/25/08
Poet Populist & Saving Art in Neighborhoods:
Seattle Poet Populist 2009
Cultural Overlay District Advisory Committee (CODAC) Preliminary Recommendations

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Issue #260, 9/12/08
Public Hearings Before Police Contract Negotiations Begin:
Background on Public Hearings
New Legislation

Issue #259, 6/12/08
Growth, Affordability, and the Multi-Family Tax Exemption Program Issue in Brief
Upcoming Committee Vote
What's New?
What Neighborhoods Are Not Meeting Their Housing Goals?
Would the Housing Built Under the Mayor's Plan Be Affordable to People Who Need It?

Issue #258, 6/10/08
Surveillance Cameras in Parks
Installation of Surveillance Cameras
Setting Protocols and Establishing a Pilot Program

Issue #257, 2/27/08
Done Deal or Yellow Light?
Council Gives Mercer Green Light
Land Costs Doubled
Design Work 90% Done or Half Done?
The Mayor Does Not Share
Let's Solve the Mercer Mess Now

Issue #256, 5/9/08
Hold the Vote on Monday for the Mercer Project
Mercer Project Finances
Bridging the Gap Levy and Program
Commercial Parking Tax/Employee Tax
Legislation before Council
Commitment of Future Resources

Issue #255, 5/5/08
Mercer Mess
Mercer/Spokane Projects
Purpose of Projects/Viaduct Connection

Issue #254, 5/1/08
Seattle Police Officers' Contract:
Police Staffing Levels and the Spog Contract;
The Spog Contract and Getting Police Accountability;
Summary and Conclusion

Issue #253, 4/15/08
Speed Cameras and Pedestrian Safety

Issue #252, 3/27/08
Cultural Overlay Districts
Eco April 2008

Issue #251, 3/18/08
Lobbyist Registration Ordinance

Issue #250, 2/28/08
On the Need for Hope and Action

Issue #249, 2/15/08
Who's Got the Check Book?
Mercer Arena

Issue #248, 2/11/08
Council Votes
Recording Executive Sessions
Streetcar Network Study
Storm Lease

Issue #247, 1/28/08
Police Accountability in 2008

Issue #246, 1/23/08
Funding Art in Public Schools

Issue #245, 1/8/08
City Wide Streetcar Network

Issue #244, 1/7/08
Council Committees
Marijuana Report
Impacts of Initiative 75

Issue #243, 1/3/08
Transparency in Government
Red Traffic Cameras

Issue #242, 12/3/07
Downtown Sidewalks & City Hall Art

Issue #241, 11/5/07
Rental Housing Inspection:
Budget Item
The Legal Issues - City Of Seattle V. Mccready And City Of Seattle V. Margola
What Did We Do In 2006?
What Now?

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Issue #240, 9/6/07
Lobbyist Registration Ordinance Brown Bag

Issue #239, 8/13/07
The Quality of Public Defense Services

Issue #238, 8/9/07
Poet Populist Voting Ends August 15th:
Vote Today!
Winner to be Announced at Bumbershoot
About the Poet Populist Program
2007-2008 Seattle Poet Populist Nominating Organizations and Their Candidates

Issue #237, 6/26/07
Funding the SLU Streetcar

Issue #236, 6/18/07
SLU Streetcar Update:
Council Vote
King County Transit Now Ballot Measure
South Lake Union Streetcar Operations
Urban Village Monitoring Project

Issue #235,6/3/07
Alaskan Way Viaduct Update:
Urban Mobility Plan Legislation
Surface Analysis And Scrutiny

Issue #234, 5/10/07
Stopping Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Minors

Issue #233, 5/2/07
Seattle's First Survey of Police Officers:
Methodology & Participation
Major Findings
Next Steps

Issue #232, 4/24/07
Making Development Benefit All - A Brown Bag Forum

Issue #231, 3/16/07
What is to be Done With the Viaduct?
Preparation For Construction
Dedicated Bus Lanes
Traffic Management Strategies

Issue #230, 3/4/07
Thinking About the Day After
Letter to Environmental Leaders
Text of the Day After Agreement

Issue #229, 2/5/07
Pedestrian Safety Resolution:
Be it Resolved Sections of Resolution
Pedestrian Advocate Groups

Issue #228, 1/10/07
Invitation to City Council's First Annual Report:
City Council's First Annual Report to Seattle's Citizens
Pedestrian Safety
Council Accomplishments and Goals
City Council Rules Amendment

Issue #227, 1/8/07
Viaduct Vote:
Proposed Ballot Measure For Alaskan Way Viaduct
Governor's Report And Path Forward
Text Of Proposed Ballot Measure
Letter From Governor
Other Efforts
Final Note

Issue #226, 1/4/07
County Support for Sonic Subsidy

Issue #225, 12/29/06
Year End Summary

Issue #224, 11/25/06
Council's Public Safety Package:
Intervention And Prevention Programs
Long-Term Planning

Issue #223, 11/7/06
Council Supports Zoo Garage

Issue #222, 10/27/06
Funding More Police

Issue #221, 10/18/06
Live Theater Week/Free Night of Theatre:
Tickets and Events

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Issue #220, 9/22/06
Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Votes:
WSDOT Cost Estimates
Preferred Alternative
Anti-Rebuild Ordinance
Public Vote Measures
Funding Agreement Resolution
Summary Statement

Issue #219, 8/10/06
Public Vote on the Tunnel:
Proposal for a Public Vote on the Tunnel
Update on Finances
Cost Overruns
Council Schedule for Viaduct Decision
Transportation Ballot Measure

Issue #218, 8/3/06
The 2006-2007 Seattle Poet Populist:
Hear the Candidates
Why a Populist Poet?
Current Poet Populist
Expanding the Program

Issue #217, 7/28/06
Sonics Sold, Now What?

Issue #216, 6/21/06
Downtown Public Spaces:
Protecting the Public Right to Use Public Open Spaces

Issue #215, 5/23/06
Public Hearing

Issue #214, 5/3/06
A Proposal For The Seattle Center, Arts, Arts Education And Tourism

Issue #213, 4/19/06
Comcast Cable Franchise Renewal:
The Mayor's Proposal
The Council's Proposal
Next Steps

Issue #212, 4/14/06
Police Accountability

Issue #211, 3/23/06
Alaskan Way Viaduct Update:
King-5 Poll
Tunnel & Costs
Large Projects
Utility Costs
A Public Vote?
Retrofit Study

Issue #210, 2/9/06
The Sonics & Your Tax Dollars
State Legislators Need to Hear from Citizens

Issue #209, 1/30/06
Council President
New Council Committees

Issue #208, 12/13/05
Public Safety Legislation

Issue #207, 11/18/05
2006 City Budget
Public Safety
My Other Initiatives
Rest Of The Budget

Issue #206, 10/26/05
Key Arena Lobbying Resolution
Council Role
1994 Remodel And Bond Payments
Resolution Details

Issue #205, 10/3/05
Prudish Not Prudent - The 4 Foot Rule

Issue #204, 9/26/05
Monorail Vote

Issue #203, 9/9/05
Preparing For A City Wide Catastrophe

Issue #202, 7/25/05
Sound Transit Light Rail And First Hill Station
The First Hill Station
Station Cost
Federal Funding
Sound Transit Phase 2

Issue #201, 6/23/05
Revenge Of The Sith? Response to Streetcar Supporters Form Letter
(in response to UP199)

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Issue #200, 6/22/05
Seattle City Council Role In Review Of The Seattle Monorail Project Green Line

Issue #199, 6/16/05
SLU Streetcar and Your Bus Service

Issue #198, 6/6/05
A Public Safety Initiative

Issue #197, 5/12/05
Seattle's Poet Populist

Issue #196, 5/12/05
Tunnel Report or Sales Job?

Issue #195, 5/10/05
A Public Safety Initiative

Issue #194, 5/2/05
Monday's Votes On:
Civic Center Public Safety Building Site
Parking Requirements for Multifamily Buildings
Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Issue #193, 4/25/05
Neighborhood Crime Forum
Live Theatre Week

Issue #192, 3/7/05
Seattle's Homeland Security Costs
A Tax Abatement Subsidy

Issue #191, 2/28/05
Monday's Votes On:
Gates Foundation Purchase
Hygiene Center at the Morrison

Issue #190, 1/13/05
Biodefense Facility
Funding for the Arts And Heritage
Hotel-Motel Tax
Special Stadium Sales Tax
Admissions Tax
Council Seeks Ethics and Elections Committee Candidates

Issue #189, 12/14/04
Alaskan Way Viaduct Votes
Lease Lid in the University District
Public Poll Questioning the Mercer Project

Issue #188, 11/15/04
Providing a Downtown Center for Homeless People

Issue #187, 11/12/04
City Council Passes the Budget

Issue #186, 10/27/04
Why Are Our Bridges and Roads Being Neglected?

Issue #185, 10/14/04
The $200 Million Mercer Street Solution?

Issue #184, 10/12/04
Zoo Long Range Plan and Operations Agreement
Thorton Creek Watershed Oversight Council

Issue #183, 9/27/04
Replacing the Viaduct
Boards And Commissions Meeting Room Listen Line

Issue #182, 7/11/04
Monorail Alignment
Transit-Way Agreement
Independent Financial Review
Other Monorail Legislation

Issue #181, 6/20/04
New Law Creates Standards for Public Defense Services
Command Center Advisory Panel

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Issue #180, 5/20/04
The Impound Law

Issue #179, 4/24/04
Survey Question on Monorail Route
NW Route Considerations
Mercer Route Considerations
Public Hearing
Final Comments

Issue #178, 4/19/04
City Council Says No to the Homeland Security Act

Issue #177, 4/10/04
3 Brown-Bag Noon Discussions in April:
Monorail Elevated Pedestrian Walkway Brown-Bag, April 13
Neighbors and Nightlife Brown-Bag, April 21
Earth Day Precautionary Principal Brown-Bag, April 22

Issue #176, 3/12/04
Two Key Votes on Monday
Multifamily Housing Tax Exemption
Nucor City Light Rate
Monorail Design Guidelines Update

Issue #175, 2/27/04
Monorail Design Guidelines
Public Meetings, Hearing and Council Schedule
Background on Monorail Design Guidelines
Future Council Monorail Items

Issue #174, 2/16/04
Multi-Family Tax Exemption Ordinance

Issue #173, 2/11/04
Technical Difficulties
Avoiding a Battle af Slogans
How Much Money Are We Talking About?
What Is at Stake?
Committee Meeting On Nucor
Role of Mayor and Council

Issue #172, 2/3/04
Council Considers City Light Subsidy for Local Steel Mill
History of Steel Mill'S Reduced Rate
Current Proposed Legislation
The Possible Loss of Jobs
Cash to the City
The Value of Interruptible Power
A Reasonable Approach

Issue #171, 1/10/04
Northgate Legislation:
City Council Committees Reorganized
Office Of Professional Accountability Review Board Member Sough

Issue #170, 12/8/03
Northgate Legislation:
Council Passes Northgate Legislation
Key Elements of Northgate Legislation

Issue #169, 12/2/03
A Review of the 2004 City Budget

Issue #168, 10/15/03
City Council'S Comments on Monorail Deis

Issue #167, 10/14/03
Now for Some Fantasy

Issue #166, 10/10/03
Vulcan Acquisition Impact on South Lake Union

Issue #165, 9/17/03
The Lure of Biotech Industry Jobs
SLU & the Biotech Industry
SLU Biotech Industry Code Amendments

Issue #164, 9/14/03
Homeless Men Downtown
Monorail Center Route

Issue #163, 9/11/03
SHA Changes Rules
Monorail Resolution on Council Intent
Monorail Green Line DEIS Hearing

Issue #162, 8/3/03
Monorail Update: Landmark Status & Code Changes
Landmarks Update
Monorail Transfer Resolution
Resolution 30486
Land Use Code Amendments Vote

Issue #161, 7/6/03
Monorail and City Codes:
Monorail Land Use Code and Street Use Amendments
Reasons for Amendments
July 8 Informational Meeting
July 22 Public Hearing
Notice of Land Use Code Text Amendment

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Issue #160, 6/13/03
Resolution on South Lake Union:
Council Resolution on SLU
Transportation Improvements
Community Involvement
Economic Development

Issue #159, 6/8/03
Monorail Station Areas Brown Bag:
June 10 Brown Bag on Monorail Station Areas
Monorail Station Areas
Monorail Review Committee
Planning And Design Principles for Monorail Integration

Issue #158, 6/6/03
Monorail Landmark Designation:
Historic Landmark Status for the 1962 Monorail
Standards for Designating Historic Landmarks
How The Landmark Designation Process Works
My Position
Additional Note
Viaduct Meeting Changed

Issue #157, 6/3/03
Lifting the UW Lease Lid:
A Brief History of the UW Lease Lid
UW Lease Lid Lift Vote Tomorrow
The Drago-Nicastro Proposal
An Alternative Proposal

Issue #156, 5/27/03
Neighborhood Plans and the Mayor's Plans
Neighborhood Community Summit
A Review of Three Communities
  · South Lake Union
  · Northgate
  · University District

Issue #155, 5/25/03
Live-Work Legislation Description
Public Hearing on "Live-Work" Legislation
Why Artists Should Attend This Hearing
Live-Work Brown Bag Alert
Live-Work Resources

Issue #154, 5/17/03
Update on Alaskan Way Viaduct
Rebuild/Retrofit Report
My Analysis
Leadership Group

Issue #153, 4/25/03
South Lake Union Development

Issue #152, 4/8/03
OPA'S Citizen Review Board:
OPA'S Citizen Review Board First Annual Report
OPA Review Board'S Strategic Plan Goals For 2003

Issue #151, 3/27/03
Monorail Update:
Creating a Technical Advisory Panel
Relationship Between Monorail and the City

Issue #150, 3/12/03
The National League of Cities Conference
Creating a National Urban Network
The Central Cities Council (CCC)
Recent CCC Meetings in DC

Issue #149, 3/5/03
Should the SCL Superintendent be Reconfirmed?
Comments on the EES Consulting Report Reviewing SCL

Issue #148, 3/2/03
FCC Proposed Changes
Licata-Compton Resolution on FCC Proposed Changes
FCC Public Hearing

Issue #147, 2/21/03
Music and Youth Commission Applicants Requested
Purpose of Music and Music Commission
Seeking Commission Members
Qualities Desired

Issue #146, 2/17/03
Municipal Concerns & an Iraq War
Why Cities Should Oppose an Iraq War

Issue #145, 12/8/02
New INS Legislation Proposed
The Licata Amendment
Why Change the Law Now?
Civil Immigration Laws Must be Enforced by the INS

Issue #144, 12/5/02
Alaskan Way Viaduct Update
Revised Options
Funding for Environmental Impact Statement (Eis)
Funding for Project
My Analysis

Issue #143, 11/24/02
Budget Summary

Issue #142, 11/5/02
Neighborhood Planning Gathering

Issue #141, 11/1/02
Changing the Arts Commission
The Mayor's Proposed Arts Budget
The Mayor's Proposal to Reorganize the Arts Commission
My Observations
My Recommendations
Allied Arts Forum on the Arts Commission

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Issue #140, 10/28/02
City Council Legislation
Racial Discrimination In Housing Audit
City'S State Lobbying Agenda

Issue #139, 10/9/02
The Pending War In Iraq
Letter to Our Senators

Issue #138, 9/26/02
Creating Space for Artists
The 2001 Artists Space Roundtable
The 2002 Space for Artists Forum
Space for Artists 2002 Handbook

Issue #137, 7/31/02
Forum on Replacing the Viaduct
Why Cost is an Important Element

Issue #136, 7/17/02
Replace The Viaduct - At What Cost?
Upcoming Viaduct Meetings
Neighborhood Advisory Gathering

Issue #135, 6/30/02
Monorail Legislation Passes
Public Hearing on the Monorail Plan 2

Issue #134, 6/21/02
Downtown Tunnel & Sound Transit

Issue #133, 6/20/02
Housing Levy Vote
Hotel Developer Subsidy Legislation

Issue #132, 5/5/02
Seattle Cable Customer Bill of Rights
Federal Ruling on Cable Modems

Issue #131, 4/15/02
Paying For Sound Transit'S CDF
Part II:
Timing Of This Legislation
Impact On Our Utilities
My Amendments
(for Part I - See UP #130)

Issue #130, 4/15/02
Paying For Sound Transit'S CDF
Part I:
How The CDF Originated
What The Paper Trail Reveals
What FTA Says About The CDF
(for Part II - See UP #131)

Issue #129, 4/7/02
Monorail EIS, Legisation & Timeline
Draft EIS Status
Public Hearing And Comment Period
Resolution On Use Of City Right-Of-Way
Monorail At The City Council
Timeline For City Consideration Of Monorail
Update On State Legislation

Issue #128, 4/1/02
Vote For Seattle'S Poet Populist
Poet Populist And The Mariners

Issue #127, 3/24/02
Resolution On Use Of City Right-Of-Way
State Legislation Passed
Funding Options
Timeline For Ballot Measure
State Legislation Request
Monorail Ad-Hoc Committee Future Items

Issue #126, 2/26/02
Neighborhood Advisory Gathering

Issue #125, 2/20/02
The Drug Policy Project
Drug Policy Brown Bag Next Thursday
Highlights From The King County Bar Report:

Issue #124, 1/21/02
New City Council Committees
Monorail Ad Hoc Committee

Issue #123, 1/13/02
Polls On Sound Transit -- Part II
Comparison Of Polls
Analysis-King County Poll
Analysis--Sound Transit Poll

Issue #122, 1/13/02
Polls On Sound Transit -- Part I
Polls On Sound Transit
What The Polls Tell Us
King County Council Poll, Jan 9 2002
Sound Transit Poll, June 2001
Seattle Times Poll, May 2001

Issue #121, 1/10/02
New Dept Of Neighborhoods Head
Selecting A New Neighborhoods Dept Head
A New Neighborhood Group Forms

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Issue #120, 1/8/02
Swearing In Speech & State Film Office
Second Term Swearing In Speech
Closing The State Film Office

Issue #119, 12/28/01
Final Zoo Agreement
Zoo Agreement Changes Since October 29
Zoo Employees

Issue #118, 11/27/01
Zoo Non-Profit Governance Agreement
Zoo Commission 1: 1985
Zoo Commission 2: 1995-6
MPD Proposals/State Legislature: 1997-2000
Summary Of Zoo Governance Proposal
Public Process
Update On Long-Range Plan 2001

Issue #117, 11/25/01
Special Events Legislation & Vote
Current Status Of Mardi Gras

Issue #116, 11/5/01
Council Bill 113697 - Space Needle Views
Council Bill 113818 - Regulating Off-Site Parking

Issue #115, 10/22/01
Two Public Forums This Weekend

Issue #114, 10/11/01
Forum On A Civil Approach To Helping Homeless People Downtown

Issue #113, 10/3/01
Special Events Ordinance

Issue #112, 8/1/01
Special Events Taskforce Report
Monorail News
Youth Sought For The Park Board

Issue #111, 7/23/01
Getting Public Toilets

Issue #110, 6/17/01
Council Member Nick Licata As Himself,
Or, How I Was Busted For Riding A Bike, With Clothes On

Issue #109, 5/20/01
A Roundtable Discussion On Artists' Spaces
Open Space Gap Report
Breathing Room Space
Usable Open Space
Written Elements Of Report

Issue #108, 5/13/01
Film: Shooting-In-Seattle
Developing A Kiosk Program

Issue #107, 5/11/01
Background To Aboretum Master Plan
Cap Committee Actions
Final Council Action
Thank Yous

Issue #106, 5/6/01
Draft Long-Range Plan 2001 & Draft EIS
Zoo Information
Draft Long-Range Plan Summary
Draft EIS
Brief History Of Zoo
Board Of Park Commissioners Public Comment For Draft Plan
EIS And Plan Availability
Process At City Council
Other Zoo Issues

Issue #105, 4/9/01
Council Votes On Sound Transit Resolutions
Inspector General's Report
Background On Tunnel Transfer Agreement
Resolution 30301: Downtown Tunnel Transfer Agreement
Resolution 30300: Light Rail Review Panel
Sound Transit's Other Problems

Issue #104, 3/31/01
Pioneer Square Tour
Resolution On Pesticide Phase Out
Renter Legislation
Choosing Seattle's Poet Populist

Issue #103, 3/27/01
Sound Transit Resolutions
Link Light Rail Project Review Committee
Project Review Committee Resolution
Downtown Bus Tunnel Transfer Agreement
Tunnel Transfer Agreement Resolution
Scheduled Council Votes

Issue #102, 3/3/01
Arboretum Hearing Scheduled

Issue #101, 2/26/01
School Playfield Legislation
Council Actions

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Issue #100, 2/12/01
The WIN Franchise
The Need For A Master Cable Franchise Ordinance
Updating Our Citizen Review Process
The Possibility Of A Municipal Institute Network

Issue #99, 1/22/01
Arboretum EIS And Master Plan
City Council Process
Summary Of Proposed Master Plan
Citizen Groups Involved In Arboretum Debate
Process 1994-2000
EIS And Master Plan Availability

Issue #98, 1/08/01
Licata Monorail Survey
Preface Of The Report
The Study Area
Proposed Station/Platform Locations
Executive Summary
General Observations By Neighborhood

Issue #97, 12/11/00
Parks Levy Oversight Committee
Informational Meeting Scheduled

Issue #96, 12/5/00
The City Budget
City Property Tax
Programs Funded
Licata Sponsored Legislation

Issue #95, 11/16/00
Sound Transit, Sane Transit, & The Monorail

Issue #94, 9/26/00
Vote On Increasing Contribution Limits
Public Hearing On Increasing Contribution
Sound Transit Audit Poll Results
Forum On Sound Transit Cost Projections

Issue #93, 9/6/00
Audit Of Sound Transit
Rationale For Letter To Sound Transit
Up Reader Survey
Letter To Sound Transit

Issue #92, 9/4/00
All Ages Dance Ordinance (AADO)
History: 1977-1985
1985 To Present Under The Teen Dance Ordinance (TDO)
Critiques Of The Teen Dance Ordinance
Future Legislative Action

Issue #91, 8/25/00
A Brief Review Of The WTO Panel II Report
History Of Panel II

Issue #90, 8/1/00
Monorail Legislation
A Critique Of The Monorail Legislation
Proposed Monorail Advisory Ballot Measure

Issue #89, 7/5/00
The Monorail Report Nick Licata
1. An Overview
2. My Legislative Proposal
3. The 1997 Monorail Vote
4. Court Decision On City's Obligations
5. Current Council Proposals
6. Etc Proposal
7. Intitiave 53
8. Tax & Bond Funding
9. How Much Do Monorails Cost?
10. Details Of My Legislative Proposal

Issue #88, 6/4/00
City Parks Fall Levy
Noise Ordinance Update
Music & Youth Task Force Update

Issue #87, 4/20/00
Gypsy Moth Spraying

Issue #86, 4/6/00
Proposed Impoundment Ordinance Change

Issue #85, 4/3/00
Pro Parks 2000 Recommendations

Issue #84, 3/12/00
Two Percent For Art Delayed
Aquarium Notes: Panel Review And MOU Content
KOUW Program On The Aquarium

Issue #83, 2/23/00
A New Aquarium On The Waterfront
Description Of Project
Public Hearing March 30
Time Line Of Aquarium Development
The Need For A New Aquarium
Falling Attendance
Increasing Maintenance Costs
Citizen Concerns

Issue #82, 2/17/00
City Council's WTO Accountability Review Committee
Formal Preamble
Goals Of Review
Products Of The Review
Role Of ARC Staff:
Role Of Citizen Panels
Panel One - WTO Invitation
Panel Two - Preparations & Planning
Panel Three - Operations

Issue #81, 2/3/00
Increasing The City's % For Art

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Issue #80, 1/9/00
Seattle Neighborhood Arts Celebration

Issue #79, 1/7/00
City Council Retreat
Westcrest Park

Issue #78, 12/31/99
Canceled Millenium Celebration

Issue #77, 12/6/99
The WTO Week

Issue #76, 11/20/99
Two Key Monday Votes -
1% For Art On Projects Outside Seattle
Public-Private Partnership Resolution

Issue #75, 11/17/99
Introduction To The 2000 Budget
Budget Items Votes - For & Against
Public Toilets 9-0
Arts Action Plan 9-0
South Seattle Soccer Field 9-0
Expanding Community Center Hours & Saving Neighborhood Matching Funds 4-5
Reducing Galer Street Subsidy 2-7

Issue #74, 10/17/99
Restaring Hanford Nuclear Reactor
DOE Public Hearing

Issue #73, 10/13/99
Sand Point / Magnuson Park Design
- History
- City Council Votes
- OLA & Water Access For Dogs
- Summary

Issue #72, 10/3/99
Proposed City Budget For 2000
Open Community Centers 7 Days A Week
Funding Public Toilets Downtown

Issue #71, 9/26/99
Opening Up Shoreline Street Ends

Issue #70, 9/11/99
City Light Rate Increase
Kiosk Taskforce Report

Issue #69, 8/16/99
Spending Money On SHA's Rainier Vista

Issue #68, 8/3/99
People's Lodge Public Hearing
Pro-Parks 2000 Citizens Planning Committee
New Citizen Group To Run Channel 29
Reducing Traffic Lanes From 4 To 2

Issue #67, 7/6/99
Aboretum-Lakeside Trail
Housing Code Initiative
The Fall Levy Issue
People's Lodge In Discovery Park

Issue #66, 6/27/99
Mariners Want More Public Dollars
Parks Department Citizens Panel
Parks Exclusion Ordinance
Arboretum Update

Issue #65, 6/9/99
Waterfront Hotel & Steinbrueck Park
Magnuson Park Off Leash Area

Issue #64, 5/31/99
The New City Hall / Civic Campus
Seattle Center / Community Centers Levy
- Review And Analysis
- A New Proposal
New UP Index Web Site Addition

Issue #63, 5/13/99
Announcing UP Index On The Web
Results Of UP Poll On Fall Levy
Amending Land Use & Housing Codes
Parks Enhanced Code Enforcement Ordinance

Issue #62, 5/3/99
-- Fall Levy Renewal Ballot --
Mayor's Proposal
Your Input - Survey Question
The Original 1991 Levy
Proposed Seattle Center Portion
Proposed Neighborhood Portion
City And Center Survey Results
De-Coupling The Two Levy Portions

Issue #61, 4/25/99
Magnuson Park Update
Soul Of A Citizen
Arboretum At Cap Meeting
Hearing Examiner Decisions

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Issue #60, 4/12/99
Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)
The Convention Center Vote
Announcing the Poet Populist
Two Public Hearings: Added Activities and Noise

Issue #59, 3/21/99
Update On MPD Legislation
The Convention Center
Arboretum Scoping To Begin
Added Activities Report

Issue #58, 3/4/99
Metropolitan Park District (MPD)
What You Should You Know About an MPD
What is an MPD?
MPD Legislative History
What Critics Said About the MPD
MPD Status Now
Necessary Conditions for Supporting an MPD

Issue #57, 2/16/99
City Council On The Merger Of TCI-AT&T
Convention Center Expansion

Issue #56, 1/24/99
The Parks Department and Citizen Involvement
Seattle Neighborhood Arts Celebration
Belltown P-Patch Protected
City Council Candidates Line Up

Issue #55, 1/11/99
Pike Place Market And The Arts
People's Lodge & Discovery Park
Logging Cedar River

Issue #54, 1/3/99
Thanks To My Staff
Quick Review of 1998
My Philosophy
TCI-Cable TV & The City

Issue #53, 11/30/98
Doubling Tenant Relocation Assistance
Land use Code Amendments Pass
Assisted Living Facilities Legislation

Issue #52, 11/24/98
Status On The Monorail
Olympics - Going Around City Council
Multi-Family Tax Exemption Ordinance
Arboretum Plan Information

Issue #51, 11/18/98
How Much Money Do We Have?
Economic Projections For The City
What Was Cut From The Mayor's Budget
City Council Funded Projects
-Downtown Dental Clinic
-Decommissioning Of Fire Engines
-Artswest Theater
-Housing Preservation Fund
-Maintenance Of City Owned Trees
-More Animal Control Officers
-Summer Playground Staffing
Neighborhood Plan Implementation

Issue #50, 11/10/98
Olympics - Still Dead?
Status On The Arboretum Plan

Issue #49, 11/02/98
Library Citizen Review Panel Resolution
Nominations Needed For Parks Naming Com.
Music & Youth Task Force Established

Issue #48, 10/19/98
Resolution 29845, Parks Citizen Participation

Issue #47, 10/08/98
Olympic Games Status

Issue #46, 9/27/98
Olympic Games Special
Results Of My Email Poll
Statewide Polls
Schedule Of Public Input Opportunities
Final Comments

Issue #45, 9/8/98
Error In Numbering Urban Politics
Public Hearing On Pacific Place Garage
Public Hearing On Right Of First Refusal
The Olympics Coming To Seattle?
Dogs and Parks

Issue #44, 8/23/98
Reminder This Friday - Summer Bash
Public Hearing On Tax Abatement
Public Hearing On 60 Day Rental Notice
Public Hearing On PacMed* - The Amazon.Com Deal
Public Hearing On Pike Market Hildt Agreement
Conference On Puget Sound's Future

Issue #43, 8/11/98
So-Long Summer Bash
Memoir - Seeing Red In Italy
Convention Center Vote
Hearing For A 60 Day Rental Notice

Issue #42, 7/15/98
Initiative 45 Debate Televised - Tonight
Community Kiosks Task Force Created
Arboretum Meetings
Renter Issues

Issue #41, 7/6/98
Technical Difficulties - Way Beyond My Control
Initiative 45 - What Is It and What Will It Do?
Pike Place Market PDA And The Hildt Agreement
CAP Committee Meeting
Neighborhood Matching Fund Celebration

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Issue #40, 6/15/98
Key Tower Revisited
Arboretum Plans
Sand Point Blue Ribbon Committee
Queen Anne Bowl - Rodgers Park

Issue #38, 6/1/98
Neighborhood Arts Conference
Association Of Washington Cities (AWC)
On I-200
Burma Vote Results
Public Hearing On Parks Exclusion Ordinance

Issue #37, 5/25/98
CAP Meeting Agenda
Burma Vote This Monday
Making Sausage

Issue #36, 5/10/98
CAP Committee Meeting Agenda
CAP Poem - Words Worth
The Burma Ordinance

Issue #35, 5/3/98
Library Bond Shaping Up
Sandpoint Blue Ribbon Committee
Metro Proposes To Cut Bus Route 30
Local Gas Tax Option

Issue #34, 4/26/98
Football Stadium Report
Council Votes On Its* Rules
The Port's Terminal - 18 Project
On Hold Subscription Instructions

Issue #33, 4/19/98
City Council Rule Changes Multilateral Agreement On Investments (MAI)
Civic Center Resolution
CAP Committee Meeting
George Will Speech

Issue #32, 4/5/98
Culture, Arts And Parks Committee (CAP) Meeting
Emancipation Ball
City Hall Brown Bag on Rental Housing
The Key Tower Vote On Monday

Issue #31, 3/29/98
Should Key Tower Be Sold?
Background to Key Tower Purchase
Mayor's Proposal to Sell Key Tower
Reasons to Keep Key Tower
Locating City Hall

Issue #30, 3/23/98
Culture, Arts and Parks (CAP) Committee Meeting
Monorail's Etc. Authority Questioned
Public Art And The New Football Stadium
Auditor Faults City's Contracting Procedures

Issue #29, 3/15/98
The Nickel Nutcracker (spelling?)
The Wallingford Park/Playfield
Who Represents A Community?
Open Space VS Playfields

Issue #28, 3/8/98
Staff And Volunteers
Downtown Library Site
Neighborhood Branch Libraries
Citizen Input On The Library Bond
Pine Street Garage

Issue #27, 2/20/98
Special Urban Politics Press Release
Football Stadium Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Issue #26, 2/8/98
School Bond Issue & Sport Fields
The New Vancouver BC Library
DSA Comes Through for the Hygiene Center
CAP (Culture, Arts & Parks) Committee Mtg.

Issue #25, 1/25/98
Introducing My Staff
Spirits In Sports Facilities
Cedar River Logging
Meeting Branch Library Needs
DSA - The Hygiene Center

Issue #24, 1/19/98
Council Committee Assignments
Electric Utility Deregulation
Downtown Library Site
Harbor House Condo Conversion

Issue #23, 12/28/97
Swearing-In Ceremony
Pine Street Parking Garage And The Courts
Blue Suit Power - A Holiday Story

Issue #22, 12/21/97 (Post Election)
History of UP
Rules of UP
First City Council Public Forum
Internal City Council Rules
RTA Scoping Meetings
Monorail Madness

Issue #21, 5/14/97
Convention Center 'Skybridges'?
Revelations From Seahawks PDC Forms
Seahawks Ballot Title Changed
Supreme Court To Hold Hearing Today

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Issue #20, (no date listed)
News of Local Candidates
Meet The Candidates
The Disappearing Kingdome Report
Learning About Citizen Participation

Issue #19, (no date listed)
Nick Licata To Challenge Jan Drago
Licata Campaign Notes (LCN)
Will Rice Run Again?
HUD Inspection General's Delayed Report
Poor Polling Results
Glenn Hotel's Hygiene Center

Issue #18, (no date listed)
Good Shepherd Center (GSC) Leased For 77 Years
Westlake Park Pedestrian Improvements?
Lobbying Ordinance Still A Problem

Issue #17, 3/23/97
Holly Park Demolition
People News - Aaron Ostrom
Seahawk and CMIT Opinion Polls
County Lawsuit Against Initiative 43
RTA Rethinking Capitol Hill Tunnel?

Issue #16, (no date listed)
Future of Westlake Park
Dogs In City Parks (Off Leash Areas)
People News - Mike Mann
Drive Through Baseball Stadium
Occidental Street (Vacation)
Seahawks In The Senate
Seahawks Stadium Bill (SB 5999)
Public Vote On Only Part Of The Seahawks Bill
Young Democrats Support Seahawk Plan

Issue #15, 3/9/97
Status Of Seahawks Legislation
Financing The New Seahawks Stadium
Substitute House Bill 2195 New Section

Issue #14, 3/1/97
Seahawks In The Legislature
Testify At House Trade & Economic Development Committee
Initiative 16 And The Courts
Local Candidates Lining Up To Run
Former Radical Links Clinton To Unibomber
Campaign Finance Reform Report

Issue #13, 2/4/97 (date is out of sequence)
Update Lobbying Ordinance
Update On I-16 Getting Results

Issue #12, 2/18/97
Update On City Lobbying Ordinance
Who Is A Lobbyist?

Issue #11, 2/16/97
Proposed Ordinance Would Hinder Citizen Access to Elected Officials

Issue #10, 2/9/97
Initiative 16
Bring It On Home Rally @ Kane Hall, UW Campus

Issue #9, 1/12/97
Initiative 16 Status
Suit Filed In Federal Court
City Council Vote - Uncovered Pollution Costs

Issue #8, 1/5/97
Initiative 16 Status
Bonding of Stadiums
Lobbying Needed Now

Issue #7, 12/22/96
Initiative 16 Status
The Mariner's New Stadium
Lobbying Needed Now
Update On Mariners Demands

Issue #6, 12/2/96
County Initiative on Bonding
Citizens for More Important Things File An Initiative

Issue #5, (no date listed)
Call For Public Hearing Ordinance
Freeway Park Garage Status

Issue #4, (no date listed)
Drug Testing For New City Employees

Issue #3, (no date listed)
Successes So Far!
City Hall Responses
Reasons Give For The Transfer
How The Press Has Responded
Using Email As A Political Tool
What You Can Do
Council Member E-Mail Addresses

Issue #2, 10/5/96
Transfer Of Freeway Parking Garage (FPG) To The Convention Center
Letter to Seattle City Council

Issue #1, September 1996
Successes so far!
City Hall Responses
Reasons given for the Transfer
How the Press Has Responded
Using Email as a Political Tool
What You Can Do
City Hall Email Addresses

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