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To elevate the City of Seattle's appreciation of the arts in general and of cinema in particular, Nick instituted "Film Forum," a bi-monthly screening during his Council committee meetings of film excerpts from local filmmakers. A curator is selected to choose the films and manage the screenings. Each film excerpt must in some way relate to topics addressed by the work of the City Council.

"This (film) was the result
of staying up late at night
and being either amused
or irritated with the worst bar
on Capitol Hill."

- Webster Cowell,
"Last Call" Filmmaker

Film Forum screenings run three minutes or less and serve as the first order of business for the Committee. Filmmakers are seated at the Council Committee table, introduced and accompanied by the Curator.

Would you or someone you know like to apply to be a curator for Film Forum?
If so, please contact Frank Video,
Program Coordinator in Nick's office,
at (206) 684-8849 or
at It Pays!

Curated by Adam Sekuler

Pacific Aggression

"The Night Shift"
by Stefanie Malone and Shannon Snider -



by Jillian Suleski & Greg Westhoff -

Pacific Aggression

"The Beast Inside"
by Drew Christie & Amy Enser -

Pacific Aggression

"My Last Year With the Nuns"
by Bret Fetzer -

Pacific Aggression

"Pacific Aggression"
by Shaun Scott -

Pacific Aggression

by Tracy Rector

Uranium City

"Interpretive Site: Uranium City"
by Adam Sekuler -

The Third Wheel

"The Third Wheel"
by SJ Chiro -

Nothing Against Life

"Nothing Against Life"
by Julio Ramirez and Carl Adelson - 6/26/2013

History is Transformation

"History is Transformation"
by Bernard Mann & Matt Shannon - 5/22/2013

In Country

"In Country"
by Mike Attie - 4/24/2013

Love, Seattle

"Love, Seattle"
by Megan Leonard - 3/27/2013

"Daughters of the Dust" by Julie Dash

"Daughters of the Dust"
by Julie Dash - 2/27/2013

"Daughters of the Dust" by Julie Dash

"Number 3: Acheron"
by Dalyce Lazaris - 1/23/2013

film image

"While We're Asleep"
film image
Megan Griffiths - 5/23/2012
film image
"Christiania - 40 Years of Occupation"
film image
film image
"Song of The Spindle"
Drew Christie - 2/22/2012
 film image
"Occupy Fall"
Adam Sekuler - 11/30/2011
 film image
"Glacial Balance"
Ethan Steinman - 9/28/2011
 film image
"Girl World"
 film image
"Comin' home baby"
Unknown - 5/25/2011
 film image
"Waste of Time"
Shaun Scott - 4/27/2011
 film image
"Patriot Guard Riders"
Ellen Frick - 3/23/2011
 film image
Matthew Brown - 2/23/2011
 film image
"Vera History Presentation"
SJ Chiro film image
"A Water Tale"
SJ Chiro - 12/8/2010
Webster Cowells film image
"Last Call"
Webster Cowell - 7/28/2010
Christy Xs film image
Christy X - 9/22/2010

About Adam Sekuler, Curator

Since 2006, Northwest Film Forum Program Director, Adam Sekuler, has brought the  Forum into a national leadership position through alternative film exhibition, curating individual films, director retrospectives and film festivals. He has initiated and organized major traveling programs for films that have screened across the country and has devised a network among arts organizations for distributing otherwise undistributed films. Before arriving in Seattle, four years ago, Adam was programmer for the nation's first and only dedicated non- fiction theatre, The Bell Auditorium. He is also co-founder of Search and Rescue, an ongoing effort to present and preserve discarded archives of 16mm films.

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