Municipal Code & City Charter

Important Message Concerning the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) and City Charter

Starting in October 2014 the City of Seattle will be moving support and hosting of the SMC and City Charter to the website of our codifier, Municode Inc. using their MunicodeNEXT product. We anticipate the migration will be completed by 5 January 2015 at which time the City supported site will be deactivated.

You are encouraged to try the new site and begin using it as your source for the SMC.

Seattle Municipal Code

The Seattle Municipal Code, often referred to as the SMC, is a classified compilation of the general and permanent ordinances of the City of Seattle. The current SMC is available online (updated monthly) and in print (updated quarterly) in the City Clerk's Office; printed copies can also be found at some branches of the Seattle Public Library. Historic (that is, no longer active) versions of the SMC are also available online and at our office.

The City Clerk's Office makes the SMC available to the public and our staff can help you navigate it and find information within it. If you have questions about how specific regulations apply to specific situations, or are uncertain of what a particular section means, the Department responsible for administering or enforcing that section will be better able to offer that type of help.

Seattle City Charter

The City Charter, adopted by the City's voters as prescribed by the Washington State Constitution, embodies the fundamental principles of the City, defines the City's powers and duties, and guarantees certain rights to the people. In addition to the current Charter, linked above, four historic versions of the Charter have been posted by the Seattle Municipal Archives.