Initiatives, Referenda, & Charter Amendments Guides

These documents, updated in September 2016 to incorporate requirements of Initiative 122, are provided for informational and guidance purposes only. Petition coordinators and any persons seeking legal advice should consult with a private attorney.

Citizen Initiative Petition Guide (PDF)

Citizen Referendum Guide (PDF)

City Charter Amendment Petition Guide (PDF)

Questions or requests for additional information should be directed to the City Clerk:, (206) 684-8344

Citizen Initiatives, Referenda & Charter History

Citizen initiatives and referenda are filed with the City Clerk. You can search the Clerk Files database for initiatives, referenda, and related records filed with the Clerk.

See the Seattle Municipal Archives history of ballot initiatives for a comprehensive history of citizen initiatives, from the year 1910 up through the most recent initiative measures.

See the Archives' "Quick Information" on the Seattle City Charter for a brief history of Seattle's City Charter.