Licensed tow companies

Companies currently licensed by the City of Seattle to provide vehicle impound towing services are listed on this page. If you applied for a tow company license and are not listed here, contact inspector Laura Beck at 206‑386‑1084.

List of tow companies licensed in Seattle

ABC Towing
Airport & Burien Towing
All Day Towing
AM PM Towing
Columbia & Totem Towing
Day & Nite Towing
Dick's and Dick's Highline Towing
ET Towing
Gary's Westside Towing
Gene Meyer Towing
Jim's Northgate Towing
Ken's Towing
Lang Towing, Inc.
Lincoln Towing
Mary's Towing
Platinum Towing
Rainbow Towing
Skyway Towing
Special Interest Towing
TBT Towing
Totem Towing