We are a society built on the premise of freedom and the reality of racism; ingenuity realized at the cost of freedom and through the labor of Blacks, Asians, immigrants, Native Americans, Latinx and countless others.  As we [...]
by Regan Pro, Kayla Skinner Deputy Director for Education & Public Engagement at the Seattle Art Musuem For the past eight years The Creative Advantage in partnership with the Seattle Art Museum has provided free professional learning [...]
Jourdan Imani Keith invites you to submit pantoums for inclusion in her new project Women & Whales First, Poetry in a Climate of Change, a virtual event in April, 2021, in partnership with Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and the Seattle [...]
Perched above the road and waterway in the University and Fremont Bridge towers, two artists spent four months thinking about their surroundings and creating graphic novel works inspired by the location and their experiences. The artworks [...]
ARTS and Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) commissioned local emerging artists to develop new temporary art installations for four locations along SPU’s Ship Canal Water Quality Project locations in north Seattle. FLOW is [...]

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